Wednesday, 27 October 2010

And now for my next trick........

Here is the set of curtains from the charity shop, hanging on the line. I didn't need to wash them they smelled fresh and clean, I just hung them here for the photo.

And here are the seven shopping bags I made from them. Each one measures 18" by 19.5" a similar size to one of those plastic bags for life but mine are a bit longer.

I didn't quite have enough fabric for seven full size bags so I made a smaller version, and now a little girl can have a bag just like mummy when they go shopping together :o)


  1. They are really super bags. I know you make them to fulfill your creative artistic side and are generous and like to give them away but why not wait until you have made a few dozen or so and then try to sell them for a few bob at a local car boot sale e.g. around Xmas time. I'm sure they would sell as they are very nicely made to a unique design. People like things that are different. I know you manage very well financially with your frugal lifestyle but perhaps the extra cash would cover the cost of your materials, be useful for petrol for your travels or for special treats for the cats as well as yourself because you surely deserve a treat. :)

  2. They look great, I like the child size one, a good idea, I've always made full size ones.

    Josie x

  3. I knew they would look great and boy they certainly do. Well done Ilona:) I especially love the mini me one♥ Linda xx

  4. Bag lady struck again, lol. They are great!!!

  5. I am always inspired! Thank you for posting.Have a wonderful day!