Thursday, 21 October 2010

Moving into a new pad

Well the little kittys are out of their cave now, Tiger was beginning to climb up the wire in a bid for freedom. I let them run around the house a couple of times, but it isn't fair to take them inside completely when they are going to be rehomed. The room served it's purpose and was a safe place for them in their hour of need, but they were beginning to get bored and looked quite sad at times.

Luckily Sue has rehomed three kittens and a place was found for them in a chalet in her garden. Now they have a snug little house with heating, and a secure run in which they can see what is going on in the garden. I guess they must have spent a lot of time outdoors before they came here, so it is only fair that their sense of curiosity and freedom is not taken away from them.

It was only a short journey to Sue's, five minutes at the most, but it was heartbreaking to listen to their pitifull cries when once again they found themselves confined to a cat carrier. Although they were only here for two weeks and two days, I had grown to love them, but there again I love all animals.
The job of finding them a new home goes on. I have promised Sue that I will provide their food for the time they are there, and we will both be searching for those special people who will take them. I am sure they are out there somewhere.
I was beginning to wonder if my role as a rescuer of homeless pussies was such a good idea. Sue says it is hard at first, but it gets easier. Even so, I think I might find it heartbreaking to have many cats coming and going, there would be many sleepless nights for me, wondering if I had done the right thing. Nevertheless, with all my doubts, I am feeling a bit more positive now.
Thank you to those who commented on my previous post with suggestions about rehoming. It was never an option for me to take them permanently, though I was teetering on the top of the fence at one point, it would not have taken very much for me to topple over. But I know, come next spring, I would resent being tied to the house. In the long term, taking a pet on is for the duration of it's life. It's a shame that so many people do not see it in the same way.
These cats are going no further than a new forever home. They will not be carted off to another rescue to sit alongside many other moggies awaiting collection. Cats Protection does not work too well around here, you can never get them on the phone, and their organisational skills seem pretty fragmented.
Tiger and Lilly will never be advertised in a newspaper, or on the internet. I strongly believe that pets should not be offered in this way. I also believe that people who see animals purely as a money making excercise should be shot. Maybe that statement is a bit strong, but people like that don't give a fig who buys their puppies and kittens, just as long as they get their money. But that's a whole new debate. Now I'm off to fetch Ben, I am looking after him today, and later I am walking two black labradors while their owner has a night away from home.
Toodle pip.


  1. Well done you Ilona... and I totally agree... pets are to me, like people. We think of them as part of the family and because of this we have to make changes to the way we live... but that is the choice we make. We feel our lives are enriched so much by them, any sacrifices made, are worth it.

  2. I agree, it makes me sad when I meet another pet dog owner and they say "I thought I'd breed some puppies from her".
    I'm always tempted to ask WHY? Just for the money I suspect.

  3. Pets are like my own kids to me. I always had animals around me. And, my kids also grew up looking after canaries, hamsters, goldfish and cats. It instills a sense of resbonsibility that can not be learned any other way. I know in my heart that my kids have grown up into decent young people, never letting any creature suffer under their care. My sons have rescue cats themselves now, and they are very well looked after.

  4. Your a wonderful person Ilona,i can't stand it when people just use these animal's to make money,my pet's are like my children,and i have them and care/love them for life,xx Carol

  5. I'm praying that a new home will be found very soon. They are just gorgeous cats. How wonderful that the world has such caring and kind people as you and Sue♥ Linda xx