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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Tomorrow is 'B' day

For my breakfast I had ground walnuts and seeds on my bran flakes.

For my lunch I am having smoked salmon and prawns, on a bed of fresh baby spinach leaves and chopped cucumber, with a houmous dip and garlic bread. Don't worry it hasn't cost me an arm and a leg, all reduced, from Tesco on Thursday night.

Later for my dinner I shall have a large portion of brocolli and green cabbage, with other vegetables and the rest of the salmon. I need to up my iron intake because tomorrow I am going to attempt to donate a drop of my blood, that's if they want it. At the last two sessions they couldn't take it because of the low iron level, even though I felt fine. They said I needed it more than they did. So lets hope the spinach works, if it's good for Popeye then it should be good for me.


  1. I do admire you giving blood. Alas, my iron levels are naturally low, so no blood giving for me they have said! - Try dried apricots. Although they are expensive, they are worth their weight in gold for giving iron -lots of dried fruit is high in it -even raisins are good. But a couple of dried apricots a day to nibble on can work wonders :)
    Have a great day, and enjoy your delicious sounding meals!
    Kind regards,

  2. Thank you for that tip of eating dried fruit, Donna. I have some prunes in the fridge, I will eat them as well, to top me up :o)

  3. Hope you are successful Ilona♥ I cannot give blood here in Oz because of living in UK during certain years, mad cow etc..... Crazy because I did give it once but then the rules were changed. Linda xx

  4. Hate to say it, but your iron levels are going to be low if you are a true vegetarian. That`s the drawback of having meatless meals.

  5. Sorry, but if your a 'true vegetarian', your iron levels will not be low, as you should be cooking wholefood meals which in themselves are high in iron -beans, lentils, greens, nuts, dried fruit etc..-lb for lb, beans have more iron in than steak.

  6. I admire those folks who give blood, I only tried once and I was quite weak and poorly for 24 hours afterwards.


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