Friday, 19 November 2010

3 of 329

Phew, still sorting through the pics. I thought I would post my favourite before I go to bed, but......I have three favourites, so here goes. Anyone want to guess what they are? I don't think I can remember where I was when I took the third one, ha ha.

Bed time I think, nighty night. zzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing. I thought of your frugal ideas the other day, when my frugal husband used a napkin to apply straight glycerin to our windshield wipers. If they are dry and streaking the window, this lubricates them, makes them last longer, and can help cut through ice and snow. No kidding!

  2. great photos, especially the Houses of Parliament at night, well I think it's the H of P.Don't recognize anything else, I returned home from living in London at the end of 1980.

  3. Third pic looks like Clive of India to me - in Whitehall, (by the Foreign Office I think) looking over St James's Park.

  4. You are right Brian, on the other photo it clearly says Clive on the plinth. Thank you.

    And Yes Aunty, the Houses of parliament at night.

    The first one is taken from Tower Bridge looking towards City Hall.