Monday, 22 November 2010

Arty London

I went to several art galleries while I was there, those that didn't charge an entrance fee that is. Even so, some of the free ones had seperate exhibitions within the building which you had to buy a ticket for. I steered clear of those, and just walked around the free parts. £10 - £12 was a bit steep for me, a mere pensioner who can buy food for a week for that ;-)

There was an exhibition in the South Bank Centre entitled, 'Art By Offenders', it was really good, I was very impressed by the work on show. Every one had been created by a prisoner, an offender on a community sentence, a patient in a secure psychiatric hospital, an immigration detainee, or a UK citizen in custody overseas.

The Koestler Awards were founded in 1962 by Arthur Koestler, he was a political detainee on three occasions. This years awards attracted 5,619 entries, in 56 art forms. You can find out more about the Koestler Trust here.....

These two exhibits were my favourites. A collage created with mainly tree air fresheners, the type you hang in your car. They are layered to give a 3D effect, it highlights the recycle theme.

I love this one, lots of two inch screws pushed through the fabric of a dress from the inside, perfectly in line and equally spaced. I love the idea of the softness and fragility of the fabric, supporting the hard and weighty screws. It looks so fashionable too.

More art later, to be continued........


  1. Nice. I like the metal flapper dress, lol.

  2. How interesting, there was some beautiful work at the V and A done by prisoners, shown at the beginning of the year in the quilt exhibtion they had on. I do like the dress, rather punky I thought.

  3. I'm with Sarina, I love the flapper dress. What a shame that many exhibitions charge so much for admission:( I guess it's to cover costs etc. I'm loving your posts on your trip. Linda xx