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Monday, 8 November 2010

Chuck it all on, it will get eaten

You know I don't follow conventional recipes, I make my own up as I go along. Today I need to use up some out of date stuff, so here is a pic of my lunch.

Half a bag of French style salad, out of date on the 2nd November, reduced from £1.60 to 59p. A spud in the microwave, from a bag out of date on 26th October, still got three left. Some dollops of houmous, reduced from £1 to 25p. Then I cooked a few baby mushrooms, reduced from 84p to 25p, in a little margarine, and added two eggs and scrambled them all together.
A massive big plateful, and yummy. I don't plan meals, just look in the cupboard or fridge, and use whatever I have in. Nothing gets chucked away, there are no leftovers in this house


  1. Yummy, another delish and nutrish meal! You really are the niftiest and the thriftiest, Ilona. Did you read today's article in the Dail Mail (online)under the heading '15 nifty tips for thrifty women - How to make essentials last longer.'?As I read the article I thought of you and how you would have written a much better article for them.

  2. That`s the ticket! Any left overs from the fridge will make a good, healthy meal! Well done for showing us all what`s possible.

  3. Thank you for pointing out that article to me, Anna. I have to say it is a load of codswallop.


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