Thursday, 4 November 2010

A good saving on food

I was going to post again last night, but things happened, so I will do two posts now on Thursday morning. I was chuffed at saving £8.06 when I called in at Tesco next to the bus station in Hull, just before I came home. Always a good idea to take the opportunity to bag a few bargains at any supermarket if you are passing.

As you can see my hassling the ladies with the ticket machines paid off, every item is reduced. I didn't need anything else, walked past the tempting chocolate and crisps, and kept my mind focused on my dinner that I would be enjoying when I got home.

The freezer is now stuffed with bread, wholemeal and multigrain. The salad, cheese and leek sausages, parsnips and swede, will add to the potatoes and onions I have from last week, so all this will last me for another week. I might be able to stretch the food I already have, untill I go to London. The chicken was a treat for the cats.


  1. I think it's a good idea to check your receipt after shopping. You have probably mentioned it before Ilona, but sometimes the reductions aren't picked up at the till. I bought a reduced pudding in Sains on Monday which I was charged full price for. They gave me the difference when I pointed it out, but checking is a good habit to get into.

  2. Haven`t you done well!! Amazing, what bargains you seem to be able to get. I haven`t got the time to shop at late hours, so I guess I miss alot of that.