Sunday, 28 November 2010

Let it snow, I'm saving money

What is going on at Meanqueen Mansion, not a lot, due to being snow bound and dog bound. Henry choc lab is here till Monday night, and as I type he is whimpering for attention. We went a walk first thing, it was lovely to scramble through the woods at 8 o clock, in the cool fresh air, before everyone else was out. Well almost everyone, I met Paul walking Tango, his gorgeous English Setter.

Henry went bounding up to them as he usually does, he loves to greet people and dogs alike, he thinks everyone is his best friend. There is sadness in Paul and Janet's house at the moment, they have recently lost their other beloved dog, Thomas, who was very poorly. I share their grief, it is very sad when a treasured pet reaches the end of it's life.

The snow is coming down thick and fast now and I have just taken stock of my food situation, just in case I can't get to the shops. I reckon I have enough to see me through the next week. It might mean having toast or porridge for breakfast instead of bran flakes, and using up the frozen veg when I run out of fresh. This weather might be good for a bit of money saving, can't get out, can't spend.

I am still waiting for the cheque for my car from the insurance company, but it doesn't matter. Not very good for looking at cars at the moment anyway, that's unless they have cleared the snow off them. I am looking on the internet to get some idea of what you can get for your money. I had a chat with my insurance brokers, to get an idea of how much I might have to pay for certain types of cars. I want to upgrade a bit, and want to stick with Ford. Trouble is that a newer car is going to be more insurance, unless I pick a smaller engine with lower road tax. I can see why there are so many older cars on the road, people can't afford to insure something decent.

Oh well, back to sewing. I am making more shopping bags. This time they are not to give away, but to sell at the school Christmas Fair. Sue has got us a table so we can raise a bit of cash for our rescue cats. She has to pay out such a lot for them, in food and vet's fees, all out of her own pocket. A bit of good news this week though, she has been able to rehome Bella, and she seems to have settled in well. We still have Tiger and Lilly, brother and sister, but they are ok in their snug little house with their own run attached. I dont think people are considering taking a cat in at the moment, their minds are on Christmas. I shall be glad when it's all over, I think it's just an annoying interruption. Bah humbug!


  1. Please, please, show us some pictures of all your snow! Look at our snow (LOL) I could do with a snow cheer up:) (I mean on my blog)
    That cheques' taking a while isn't it?
    Good luck with the fair.
    Take care in this snow Ilona.
    Kind regards,
    Donna x

  2. We are still waiting for the snow to arrive. It was snowing in Hastings, today. That is about 35 miles away. I`m hoping to see some of it round our parts. We could miss it altogether, as we are close to the sea. I LOVE SNOW AT CHRISTMAS TIME!!!

  3. I join you Ilona in hating Christmas. It simply emphasizes the division between rich and poor. While the lucky ones feast on plenty, there are others who struggle to feed their families and heat their homes. It's also the most depressing time of year because of lack of daylight. Bah humbug!

  4. It's a pity that there's no sensible excuse for you get yourself a nice ERF.
    It wouldn't be practical for going to the shops, but at least it would be big enough to deter some numpty in a taxi from driving into it.

  5. Cyberkim, if money was no object I would indeed buy myself an ERF. Mind you, without 40 ton on the back it would be like driving on a skating rink in this snow.