Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My Enviro Award

Hey, look at me then, I've got a certificate. Didn't quite make top dog, but Highly Commended aint bad. I've just been to the council offices for the special awards evening, for volunteers who work in their local neighbourhood. I didn't expect anything like this when I started my litter picking campaign, so it's nice that somebody has noticed.

I'm afraid I didn't put my 20 year old posh frock on, it's far too cold for short sleeves and bare legs. I am wearing a pair of black trousers, with a black long sleeved thin nylon jumper. Over that I am wearing a pale green lightweight unlined long jacket with buttons down the front. This was given to me by a friend about ten years ago. The jumper I found in the loft, the previous owner had left a bag of clothes behind. My boots were given to me by my sister, so the only bought item of clothing is my trousers.

The awards took place in the very posh council chamber, see below, and my friends Julie and Frank came with me. They own Jessica the blind dog which I look after sometimes.

Afterwards we retired to the room next door for drinks and a buffet. It was nice to meet other litter pickers and swap stories.

There was quite a lot of food left over, so I followed the example of others and wrapped it up in serviettes to bring home. No point in leaving it there to get thrown away. That's my lunch for tomorrow ;0)


  1. Congratulations! Well deserved :o)

  2. A well deserved award! Congratulations!
    Jille x

  3. Well done, you look very smart. Glad you had a fun evening, it's well deserved.
    twiggy x

  4. A very special award for a very special Lady♥ I really like your outfit, you look so lovely. Linda xx

  5. You deserve this award! And very smartly dressed you were, indeed.

  6. There you are, it's official: You are "environmentally friendly".

  7. You look lovely Ilona. Well done. Its nice to be acknowledged for doing something worth while.

  8. Thank you for your kind comments. I am not very good at dressing up, I usually start pulling things out of the wardrobe in a blind panic five minutes before I am due to walk out of the door. I'm one of those people who looks through their clothes and declares 'I haven't anything to wear', that's because I usually haven't. Ha ha.

    I've just come in from an hour of litter picking, thought I'd better do my stint being as they fed me last night. Now I am having my lunch, the food I brought home with me.

  9. I was going to ask if you, if you got a doggy bag, but I see you answered my question LOL

  10. Congratulations Ilona! You truly deserve the award and a nice evening out which you were able to share with your friends.

    Probably you were beaten to the top prize by JOAN PICK, the eco-friendly granny from Croydon.

    A friend brought this old article to my attention yesterday:

    Beats me how she survives on raw food though! Surely she must cheat sometimes and heat something up! :)