Friday, 5 November 2010

The posh frock comes out once again

It's been a long time since I was nominated for anything, and I remember it well. In 1990 I was nominated to attend the Women of the Year Luncheon at the Savoy Hotel, in recognition of the work I did in promoting women in transport, through the Lady Truckers Club, of which I was the founder member.

I was amazed when I received an invitation, and couldn't think who had nominated me. I later found out that it was Edwina Currie, who I had met when she came to a Lady Truckers dinner dance which I organised.
I was immensley proud to attend this prestigious event at The Savoy, as the invitations were sent to women who had reached the top of their profession, and I felt honoured to be one of them. The day was magical. I arrived at 11am in my friends transit van, and we were greeted by a red carpet specially laid, security hovering around, and lots of press waiting to snap the stars. Alas, they did not snap me, a lorry driver in a transit van. Once again I wore my posh frock.

Inside I was given a guest list and seating plan, and ushered into a large reception room, with waiters flitting around with trays of drinks. It was like a dream, there were people there that I had seen on television, and to think I was mingling amongst them.

The time came for the guest of honour to enter the room, everyone stepped aside when the door opened, and left a clear path for her to walk through. My heart was thumping in my chest. I prayed that she might stop and speak to me, as she got closer I held my breath. She was truly the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen, far better than her photographs. She spoke to the lady standing next to me, then.......she crossed over to the other side and missed me, oh dear :o( I was so close to her Royal Highness Diana the Princess of Wales, a wonderful moment I will never forget.

The following year I received another invitation, whoopee, and the guest of honour was Sarah Fergusson, she didn't speak to me either. The year after I didn't get an invite, I thought, not to worry, twice is brilliant. But....the year after that in 1993, I did get invited again, wow, three times, how fab is that! The guest that time was Princess Margaret, and guess what, she did speak to me.
This is my ticket for that event, I have memorabilia from all three luncheons which I shall treasure for the rest of my life.
Now, getting in my time machine and zooming forward seventeen years, today I received a letter from North Lincolnshire Council. I have been nominated for an award for, guess what.....litter picking. Cool eh! I pick up rubbish and someone has noticed.

So, on the 23rd of November I shall be attending a special awards evening, with drinks and a buffet, and I will be introduced to local dignitaries. Another opportunity to wear my twenty year old posh frock ;0)


  1. How lovely Ilona:) I'm so pleased that someone has recognised the work that you do for your local area.
    There's a lady who lives somewhere in the forest who picks up all the litter there, that thoughtless people leave all over the forest. I hope she gets recognition like you just have.
    I think thats lovely, and I hope you have a wonderful time :)

  2. Good for you Ilona, it's great that you are being recognised for your good work.
    Twiggy x

  3. I wish you luck Ilona! It is good to care about the world we live in. I also love the fact that you are still wearing clothes in your wardrobe from twenty years ago. Sadly I wouldn't get in to mine anymore even if i did have them ;0)Although in my defence the majority of my clothes are from the jumble of charity shops!
    I know you'll keep us posted and I look forward to hearing about it!
    Jille x

  4. that's Great!! i had a little giggle,i think you do a wonderful job,well done,a great award!!xx

  5. Wow, you sure were a looker 20 years ago - and you aint likely to frighten the horses now!
    I envy you having seen Diana, like you I thought she was truly beautiful and was growing more so as she matured.
    I hope you have a good time at your Awards evening :O)

  6. Every good work gains recognition!

  7. I'm so pleased that your efforts have been noticed , and also pleased that someone has bothered to pick up the phone/ write a letter to nominate you. All too often people notice good things happening but don't comment.
    Have a lovely time at the ' do'.

  8. Congratulations, post a pic x

  9. Thank you for your kind words. What I am a little bit sad about is that I nominated my friend Lorraine for an award last year, for the work she did at the Scrapstore. She did far more than I have done, but she didn't get invited. Doesn't seem fair somehow.

  10. Wow, you scrub real nice :D

  11. CONGRATULATIONS Ilona for the well-deserved recognition you have received for your valuable work. The great thing about keeping in shape on a veggie diet means that you will be able to easily fit into that lovely frock. You also deserve an award for all your efforts teaching the rest of us how to keep a low carbon footprint and in surviving on a low budget through this recession and beyond. How I wish you could host your own TV show on the subject. I mention TV show because that way you would reach more people than through your blog (as more people watch TV) including a large number of the elderly population who would benefit from your tips but who are unfamiliar with using the computer. There are all these cookery shows on TV but not one program on frugal living in these austere times. When I did see you on that Channel 4 programme, you came across very well and I like your humour and your enthusiasm for sharing your knowledge with others. XXXXX

  12. Well done! You do deserve this special evening. And I do agree with Anna on the subject of TV programming. Wouldn`t it be great if they could find a way of making a 'frugal life series' featuring Ilona and her
    great tips and hints on living well with less!
    I`d watch it, and million others would, too!!!

  13. What a wonderful post and you look as lovely today as you did all those years ago♥ What a thrill see Princess Diana and how exciting to be nominated again. I'd love to see you on a TV series as well:) You certainly deserve all the praise Ilona, you rock♥ Linda xx

  14. Wow, great news Ilona. How lovely to think people notice what you do. As for the past years awards, what an honour to have been invited to such an event three times!! I'd have loved to have seen Princess Diana myself.


  15. just catching up after being offline - well done!

    Josie x