Friday, 24 December 2010

Have a lovely Christmas, I will.

Tis the day before Christmas and all is well. People are travelling home to be with their loved ones. I hope the good fairy is watching over them and they reach their destinations safely. It's a time for coming together, the joining of familes, fun for the children, and love and laughter for everyone.

I will be staying here in my home, with my cats, but don't feel sorry for me, I could go out if I wanted to. My family know and understand that it is my choice, and that I am happy and content in my own world. My inner peace and happiness comes from understanding my needs and desires. It is difficult to explain but I'll try.

I love living within my own head. Thoughts passing through make me smile, they cheer me up, intrigue me, fascinate me, and excite me. My stimulus comes from within, I don't need external forces to say, 'hey, come out and play'.

I think of my mind as being like a huge cavern, there are lots of passageways and lots of places to explore. I wander through it, sometimes in the dark, and then a light goes on, aha, yes, that's the answer. It all makes sense now. My mind is my friend. How can that be, you may say. Easy, I like to learn and to understand. I read, I study, I enquire, I watch and I listen, then mull things over, and it all becomes clear. I am at peace with myself. Think happy thoughts and you will be happy, wherever you are. Have a lovely Christmas. X


  1. This is a very lovely post, I enjoyed reading it and I understand what you mean, at least I think I do, as I'm something of a loner, and content with my own company!

    Hope you enjoy your christmas :)

  2. I like your sentiments! I used to be content and happy with my own company for a long while, until I met Rick. I still like to be by my self, occassionally. Years ago I loved X-mas with the kids, now I relish the peace and quiet, the relaxing time and not having to provide and make merry, just until I get some
    grandchildren. Have a peaceful time and enjoy the solitude.

  3. merry christmas! Have a lovely day

  4. what a lovely post!
    happy christmas, ilona, hope you have a wonderful quiet day with your kitties :) xxx

  5. I am also getting used to my own company and have started to enjoy it. It is very liberating to be in charge of all decisions you make about how you spend your time.

    This year I am looking forward to doing some reading. A book is always a great companion and a good work-out for the imagination. I am currently into Ruth Rendell's psychological thrillers.

    For a change I will not be watching TV, which I find just bombards us with too many images and repeat programmes and is too passive. And I will not be stuffing myself with cake, chocolates, puddings, crisps, only healthy stuff has been purchased.

    Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas full of beautiful,positive and creative thoughts and tasty veggie meals. :)

  6. Merry Christmas Mean Queen!

    It is a gift to be able to enjoy solitude. Have a lovely time with the cats and with your thoughts. DWx

  7. Well done Ilona! I usually travel abroad to be with my family, but decided not to this year. However, i am going to have Christmas dinner with some old friends, who are lovely friends, but the excess in terms of food, gifts, alcohol etc is nauseating.
    I would much rather stay at home and have a nice quite day, but i feel under such pressure to 'conform' and people do feel sorry for you if you mention that you would like to spend Christmas alone (not that i would be completely alone as i go to church in the morning and see lots of friends)
    Merry Christmas to you Ilona and to all blogers!

  8. A peaceful happy Christmas to you Ilona.


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