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Monday, 17 January 2011

Splat! ;0)

I made myself a pan of stew for dinner, soaked the pulses for 24 hours, boiled them up, added all the other stuff, veg, flavourings and veggie mince, and let it simmer for half an hour. Then I tried a taster on a spoon to see if it was ready, and the split peas and barley were still hard. Blimey, I can't wait all day for this, and it's going to take me ages to chew it if I eat it now. Good idea - zap it with a stick blender, that will break it down into something easy to eat, or drink, as the case maybe.

So now I have got a thick soup, very tasty indeed. I'll clean the kitchen up later,

ha ha.


  1. Sort of thing I'd do!
    Hope you enjoyed your stew, windy tomorrow -:)

    Sandie xx

  2. Can't beat a nige veggie stew, or even better- soup! I do mine in the slo cooker if I am organised enough the night before.
    I did laugh at your splats, I am the most messy cook in the county. I can;t seem to co-ordinate myself to stop the blender, before I lift it out of the bowl :-O

  3. Did you pulverise the pulses or did you have lots of little hard bits stuck in your teeth after you'd eaten it Ilona? Horrible mess to clear up so hope it was worth it.....

  4. Hi Kate, I did pulverise it, I seem to have the same co ordination problem as Kath, lift the blender out before it has stopped whizzing, ha ha. I've just eaten some more tonight, my goodness it is windy in here ;-0

  5. It'll be even windier when you have eaten the the two bags of sprouts you bought in Tesco today :-))


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