Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I went out for a couple of hours this afternoon, too nice to stay in. Took a bag full of stuff to a charity shop, and picked up some holiday brochures from the Tourist Information Centre. I wanted some info on Edinburgh, and the east coast of Scotland, but they aren't in yet, bit slow it's February, c'mon get your finger out Scotland.

Popped in Tesco while I was there. I didn't need anything but I thought I would check for special offers. Nothing worth having in the reduced section, but they have a buy two get one free offer, on breakfast cereals and pet food. So I stocked up and saved £8.11p. Three bags of porridge oats for £1.50.

I also filled the car up with petrol. When I bought it they filled it up for me at a cost of £56. It was on a quarter full and I have just put £45's worth in. Spose I ought to check the MPG if I can be bothered. Can't do much about it if it is rubbish, I have bought the car now so I'm stuck with it.

Ah well, back to making the bag, chuck the cat off my knee. Saw your comment Jane, about the bag. It is not the same as the other two, but it is nice.


  1. I got a good bargain at Lidl today - not much use to you Ilona as you probably don't have a dishwasher but good for me - 56 'Finish' tablets for £3.99 that's just over 7p each and they are normally over 20p each (I usually buy own brand which are cheaper but not so good?). Now have 2 boxes, should keep us going a while :-))

    My little car has a read out for MPG and usually does about 35 miles to a gallon, but the price of fuel has gone so crazy that it costs about £8 a tank more to fill up now!

  2. gas is so expensive, I limit myself to one tank full a month and ride my bike or walk the rest of the time. Have you ever thought of walking The Pilgrims Way or El Camino.

  3. Ilona ALL the stuff you do is so creative - I don't mind what your new bag looks like, I know I'll love it and I know I want it! :O))

    BTW, thanks to you and to Lizzie (who seems not to have a blog) for commenting recently on mine.

  4. Your bag is beautiful Ilona. I also think that a good subject for a bag is one with mice and a cat on. They would pad out nicely!

    I've started your 2009 posts, I must admit I'm only flicking through but there is one I want to make a comment on which I might do if I get the courage to do so.

    I've just found out I've won an expensive camera in a draw. It's genuine as I attended a function and I'm so excited!!! Can't wait to go into Manchester to collect it.

  5. Thanks Ilona for the heads up on the B2GOF. Just saved £7.87 this morning on pet food. Most welcome!!