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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

It's a gas

My quarterly winter gas bill arrived today, I opened it very slowly. I had to put the heating on a few times in December because it was so cold, so I braced myself for a nasty shock. We had a price rise on the 9th of December, and the bill was split into two chunks, before it went up and after. They estimated the reading at the time of the increase, so who knows if they got it right, because I didn't check the meter at the time.

The bill for the same period last year was £96.89, I was rather hoping that I hadn't gone over the hundred this time. I haven't thank goodness. In spite of the increase it is slighttly less at £94.18. I can live with that.

Once again they have sent me an annual gas statement, a forecast for the next twelve months if I continue to use energy at the same rate. My four quarterly bills should total £226.76. Well that will do nicely, my winter fuel allowance should pay for a whole years worth of gas, if I am carefull.

I haven't felt the need to put the heating on today, and with a bit of luck and we won't get another cold spell, I may be able to get away with not using it at all. I don't mind sitting here wrapped up in my scarf and jacket, with a thick woolen skirt over the top of my two pairs of jog bottoms.

I shall be in a warm place next week anyway, Liverpool Youth Hostel. If anyone is around maybe we can have a meet up. I have arranged to see Annabelle, and I believe I will be passing close to where Anne Marie lives just off the M62, so if anyone wants more info please email me.
ilona dot diane at live dot co dot uk


  1. we got ours last week - £95.42 and we had our heating on 8am - 10am and in the evening 6pm till midnight so I was very pleased with ours
    Josie x

  2. Well done, it may only be a small saving but with the price increases etc you have done really well to reduce this bill. Hubby's Mum is originally from Liverpool. My second favourite accent. Hope you have a great time and that you manage to meet up with some fellow bloggers, how wonderful:) Looking forward to seeing lots of photos. Have fun...... xxx


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