Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Todays bonus

It's been lovely reading all about your bonus days, there are some very touching stories. Thank you for taking the time to post them. I'm going to continue looking for a bonus every day, no matter how small. If something cheers me up, makes me feel better, or gives me a warm glow, then that's a bonus.

My bonus today is that I have made contact with a very good friend I used to know from my trucking days. Linda was a lorry driver in Ellesmere Port, she was a member of the Lady Truckers Club, and she played a big part in running it and helping to organise the Motorvation Truckshow.

Here we are in 1995 at Poplar Truckstop Services near Warrington, on the gate, collecting the entrance fee from everyone who arrived at the show.

I am hoping that we can get together again when I go to Liverpool for a few days this month. We are both quite busy so it's a matter of co ordinating our diaries. It would be great to see her again.


  1. Love your truck show photo-you havent aged at all since then!
    Enjoy yourself in Liverpool and if you need any tips or fancy a cup of tea, let me know as its where i live.

  2. I would have loved to see you at Pops - it's a place I used to go quite often on the bike but a lot of the people stopped going. Are the cowboys still there? I live near J11 on M62 about 5 mins from junction, so it's close to me, not that I would have gone on the m/way on my bike hahaha.

    Like Annabelle if you fancy a cuppa on your way to Liverpool let me know.

    Do you remember the old building across the road?

    No, you've not changed at all.

  3. Oh look at your lovely slim legs Ilona. Mine were chubby and dimply when I was born and kinda stayed the same for the last 50 years LOL

  4. Hi Anne Marie, I haven't been to the new Pops for ages so don't know if the cowboys are still there. Yes I do remember the old one, a bit of a dump but very, erm.... popular. The lorry park was on a slope and you had to be early to park up to find a flat spot, or you would roll out of bed, ha ha.

    Offers of cups of tea appreciated, I shall be going on Sunday 20th, need to be in Ellesmere Port about 12 though, so could meet for an hour in the morning on the way through. Overnight in the hostel for three nights. Coming back on 23rd, afternoon. I can meet anyone in Liverpool, or call in on the way back. Email me if you are free.
    ilona dot diane at live dot co dot uk