Sunday, 13 March 2011

Just popping out

Now I'm feeling a bit guilty, I'm off to the Lakes tomorrow, and we have some new followers, they will be a bit miffed at me doing a disappearing act. Sorry.

I've been looking at my maps. If the weather is ok when I am going across the A65 past Skipton, I might stop off at Clapham and do a walk up to Ingleborough. If it's misty there won't be much point because I wouldn't be able to see anything, so I will carry on. It's quite a nice drive across that way, plenty of places to stop for a look around. I like Wetherby, Otley, Ilkley, Skipton, Settle, and Kirby Lonsdale, lovely Yorkshire towns and villages.

The hostel looks very nice, apparently it's in a spectacular location overlooking Lake Windermere, with panoramic views of the mountains. Sounds good eh!

My food for the next four days is packed as I shall be self catering to keep the costs down. £29.45 for the hostel, it will probably be as much if not more for the fuel to get there. Not to worry, can't wait to get back in them there hills again. Sees you later. Don't forget to switch the light off and lock up when you leave.


  1. :o)

    Sounds lovely, enjoy your will come back refreshed and recharged!!

    Take care

  2. I love that part of the world too, will you be going to Haworth?

    You must tell me what the hostel is like because I might decide to head down that way soon.

    Have a wonderful time!

  3. Hi Anne, not Haworth this time, I have already been there. The hostel is a Victorian mansion set in it's own grounds, I recomend it for a visit.

  4. Sounds great! I wish I was coming with you!

  5. Have a great time and see you when you get back.


  6. I can't wait to see the views! Safe and happy journey.

  7. Bring us back some pictures...even misty ones!

  8. Oh you lucky lady! Have a wonderful time - looking forward to the photos!! x

  9. Have a fabulous time Ilona! keep out of the skips LOL

  10. More photos to look forward to,...goodie! Have a great time!!

  11. can't wait to hear all about it...with pics!!

  12. Eeh bye gum lass, I wish I had a job like yours!!!!!!! However a husband and 90 year old Mum means I can't go off too often and too long.

    Anyway, I hope you have had a fabulous time over in the Lakes. You could have camped on Wild Cat Island, as Swallows and Amazons.

    I've missed your daily journals and look forward to seeing your photos.


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