Tuesday, 8 March 2011

They don't make them in canvas anymore

Now let's see if I can remember what to do with this. First check that all the bits are here. It hasn't been out of the bag for about seven years, I'm sure it will all come flooding back to me, ha ha.

I bought this about 25 years ago, I remember it well. A big camping shop somewhere up near Bishop Aukland. I parked my lorry in a layby and walked across the road.

I haven't used it very often. It came in handy for bike rallies, and truck shows, it should still be in good nick. So far so good.

Brilliant. It's a two man tent, but I wouldn't fancy sleeping with somone snoring in my earhole. Just the job for one person.

Dead cosy inside, even found a few crisps left over from last time I used it.

Look, it's got an annexe with little windows. Best to pitch this end away from other people, then it's handy if you have to get up in the night for a pee ;o))

I've been checking the YHA web site and see that prices for some of the beds are creeping upwards. Methinks that the tent could be a cheaper alternative, only if it's nice weather of course.

Ollie and Alfie were watching me with interest, look at that butter wouldn't melt expression on their faces. They have just flattened my daffodils, chasing around the garden.
Yesterday Alfie scoffed a fat ball before I noticed he had it, I thought he was eating a piece of wholemeal bread that I threw out for the birds. Even the net went down his throat. I have been watching him closely ever since when he has squatted for a poo, then prodding the pile with a stick looking for signs of bright green plastic bits. At 3pm this afternoon I was pleased to find the whole net in poo number five. Thank you Alfie, ha ha.


  1. This reminded me of the time when my grandad's labrador guide dog ate a whole block of cheese, packaging and all! That was many years ago!

    Your tent looks great! It will be great for the summer. Like you, I need a bit of space when camping! Two man is never really enough for two and I like them to have at least two rooms - one for sleeping, one for clothes, stove etc!

  2. I had a lab once, he hate a whole box of quality street, and we only noticed when he left glittery and shiny poops on the lawn where the wrappers were obviously eaten along with the chocs! they are dustbins on legs

  3. your tent looks fine, the labs are like two peas in a pod!! x

  4. Good to hear that the green plastic net has reappeared!

  5. Makes a change to put a bag in the poo, rather than the poo in a bag, I suppose.

  6. Mirror image? I thought you were going to play in the garden in your tent!

  7. That looks a great tent. Mind you, even camping will get a price increase, I fear. Now, that overseas holidays are going to be more expensive alot of us are going to look for camping holidays at home. Soon the prices for that will rocket, as well. The cheapest holidays are going to be cycling and tenting ones, if you can find a friendly farmer that will let you pitch a tent for a night on the cheap.

  8. I hope your neighbours were not watching out of the window whilst you poked the poo. I'm sure they would have plenty to say about that.
    The tent looks great, I remember our camping hoidays, most enjoyable, not sure if I could get out of a tent now, that's if I could even get in. lol

  9. I think that the porch is a really nice option in a tent if you've got time to sit in it and see the world go by.

    When I go camping it used to be so but nowadays it's a place to quickly get breakfast, rush off to join the others then back to sleep. Ahhhh .... it used to be nice socialising around a tent in the evenings.

  10. I couldn't face camping nowadays; I'm too fond of home comforts, so good on you girl! Incidentally, I now buy fat balls in bulk from the RSPB, they work out cheaper (cheaper than anywhere on the island that is) at about 25p each.