Saturday, 26 March 2011

Too hot to handle ;o)

This one's for Albedo ;o) I was 27, borrowed a lorry from my employers which we turned into a float for a carnival. I sprayed my yellow boots silver, and wore purple hot pants. As you can see, I was towering above my mum.

Bet you've never seen a lorry driver like that, ha ha.


  1. Haha....I bet you got a few wolf whistles in that outfit. You must have been the sexiest lorry driver in the area. Brilliant photo.

    Sue xx

  2. Wolf whistle - well I havent ever seen such a lovely looking lorry driver. I love those boots, do you still have them?

  3. Gosh Ilona, anyone would say you had the most
    shapely figure. Those legs must have been the envy of all the girls around you.

  4. Wow,don't you look gorgeous,your leg's are amazing!!

  5. Blimey! lucky there wasnt a pile-up :-D

  6. Thanks Ilona, I really appreciate the thought!
    Well, if you were 27 in that photo, how sexy must you have looked if you'd worn those hot pants at 17? Enough to turn a few heads I'll be bound. Maybe that's why Mum looks half proud, half worried...
    Talking of Mum, are you using her as a prop 'cos you couldn't stand up straight in those heels? :-)

  7. Great 'pins', Ilona! I never wore hot pants - sadly, I inherited my Dad's legs and looked like a rugby prop forward if I wore any type of shorts.... I stuck to maxi skirts!


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