Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sun is shining, aint life grand

Just a quick dip into this before I go of out for the day. It's about time I paid a visit to my Uncle Stan and Auntie Pat, they are both out of hospital and making slow progress. I've told them to get some jobs lined up for me, I'll take my gardening clothes in case there is something to do outside. Then if I time it right to come back I will pick up some reduced food from Tesco as I'm passing. My fridge is empty and I have only bread in the freezer. I have potatoes, carrots and onions but I'm craving green veg, and need some fruit. So today I will be spending some money.

No progress to report on the bike just yet, give me a week and I'll have some more pics. I'm going to be so proud to ride it when it's done, it will be such a laugh.

I've booked a bit more on my holiday, the itinery is coming along nicely. Up to now I have...
Three nights in Edinburgh Youth Hostel.
Go to Perth the following morning, meet a friend at the Knitting Show and spend the day there. No bed booked as yet for that night, I might kip in the car, but got to work out how to do that with my bike in it as well. It will take a bit of juggling.
Look around Perth the next day and drive 50 miles to Crianlarich, where I am booked into the hostel for two nights. Some walking in the hills.
Then go to Oban and find a camp site for two nights, have a look round.
Next morning drive onto the boat, place booked, get off at Mull, 45 mins, and have three nights in the hostel at Tobermory, booked. Visit Iona and possibly another island, lots of walking.
Come back to the mainland, then find something else to do for three days, might be camping and walking. Getting excited :O))

Welcome to Mary from Wisconsin, come on in and join the gang, and the same for anyone else who drops by. It's great to see you all. Our aim here is to have fun, and not let this 'being skint malarkey' get us down. Oh there will be some thoughtful moments, a few tears will be shed, but overall we will get to grips with it. We will not be a slave to money.

It may feel like it is dominating our lives at the moment as we all try hard to juggle our finances, but it is by no means a big black cloud that hovers on the horizon. We are in control, the money we have is our slave it has to work for us, we are the boss. Keep on adding to the long list of stuff we don't need, and eventually you will have sussed out exactly what is important to you. Do not let the gremlins force open your purse and steal from you.

Catch up with you later, Off down the motorway.


  1. yee haaa! I'm in Southend and the sun's shining here too. Off to the pier with Louis and his friend Jake! x

  2. what time of day do you find it best to get discounted food in the supermarkets?

  3. Sounds like a fab trip you have planned. Thank you for your words about adding to the long list of stuff we don't need. As someone newly unemployed and who has been conscious of needing to live a different way for a long time, your words are so encouraging. Hope your aunt and uncle are feeling better.

  4. Hi GreenFlag. Best time is around 7pm. Our Tesco start marking down at 4pm but only a few pennies off. The later you leave it the cheaper it gets, but then you run the risk of there being nothing left at 8pm. Our store clears the shelves at about 9pm if there is anything left. If there is a lot left they will leave it on a bit longer.

    Get to know the layout of your supermarket, because sometimes it is a case of the fastest runner gets there first and gets the bargains. Or, be prepared to wait if you are too early, for the lady with the machine to put new stickers on reducing it further. Dont worry about people looking at you as you jostle for space and grab at the bargains. Use your elbows to nudge others out of the way, with a smile of course.

  5. You are going to have such a lovely time in Scotland - amazing scenery - but do take a rain mac and some midgy repellent - without them you might find it less enjoyable!

  6. I love your attitude about money. It is wonderful and inspiring. You show us all how to make our money work for us and not the other way around ;-) Have the best time on your holiday.

  7. "Do not let the gremlins force open your purse and steal from you."

    I love this! I shall have an image of a little warty pisky trying to dip it's bony fingers into my purse, when I go out.

  8. I think your comment about money being our slave and we should be the master is very good. The people who try to sell us the stuff we don't really need try to make us feel that we do need it or that we'll be unhappy if we don't have it. So then we spend, get in debt, feel deprived when we can't afford things and look to buying more stuff to make us feel good. But if we step back and recognise that we don't need this stuff, we reduce the wanting. Nowadays, I find that when I buy something I really want or need I do really enjoy it and feel satisfied with what I have.

  9. Great post and very good advice. We can so easily feel "entitled" and the whole subject can turn into a pity party. Frugality is a real challenge and the way to meet it is to live really well as you do planning trips and gardening and art. I thank the powers- that- be everyday for my life, my legs and the clear vision that has been granted me !

  10. Your holiday plans look brilliant me dear, Isle of Mull - I just adore that island the wildlife is spectacular and the locals truly friendly - enjoy.

  11. great post...this may be the most helpful line I've ever read: "Keep on adding to the long list of stuff we don't need, and eventually you will have sussed out exactly what is important to you." thanks from Kentucky, MQ!

  12. If it's still there Oban Divers Camp site was really lovely!
    Oh, found a link for you - it's been renamed. http://www.roseviewoban.co.uk/
    We stayed there some years ago, it was so lovely and in just the right position in the valley to avoid most if the midges!

  13. If you go to Mull there is a wonderful garden/nursery Lip n Cloiche run by Lucy Mackenzie. There are lots of beachcombed objects around and she specialised in very hardy plants, it has wonderful views over to the island of ulva and lock tuath, I'm sure you would love it.

  14. So jealous of your trip to Scotland. Love hearing about how your plans are developing.

    Certainly agree with you that we should be masters not slaves to money.

    Sft x