Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Another day in Oban

Hiya Peeps, reporting in from a blustery Oban. I've had a fab day, been exploring along the coast in a northerly direction, thank you to my friend Irene for lending me the maps, I didn't have to buy any. A little bimble around Oban first. The Distillery is in Stafford Street, established in 1794, a fine old building, but at £7 for the tour, you've guessed, I didn't bother.

Not far from the Ferry Terminal is this shop, I had to look twice at this sign, ha ha.

Corran Esplanade is the home of the Museum. Yes, I went in, it is free. I like this board showing all the different vessels that sail around the islands.

This is the entrance.

Now this looks like my kind of shop, yummy chocolate. A glance at the menu outside, hot chocolate, £2.80. You've guessed, no thanks.

I made a few notes on prices as I was passing some shop fronts, things are quite expensive here. One scoop of ice cream is £1.60. Cod and chips is £8.20. I was gobsmacked at the price of ladies shoes in a Clearing Shop, I think that means discount store, sandals £49.99 reduced from £79.99, and £69.99 reduced from £110. Good grief!

I set off up the Esplanade and came across the Scottish Youth Hostel which is closed for refurbishment. I would have stayed here if it had been open, it's right opposite the sea. Never mind, maybe next time.

Oh look what's coming back into the harbour, my boat. Passing the lighthouse on the tip of Kerrera.

Up on the hillside is Dunollie Castle, so I climbed up to see it. This is the view looking back along the road I have just come down.

And there is the lighthouse again.

Here is the castle, there isn't much left of it.

This is Maiden Island.

I am still following the road along here, and arrived at Ganavan Bay. It has a lovely sandy beach, and a big car park. I was disappointed to see a lot of new build houses and flats, I think they spoil the look of the place. The fronts look like something out of a Holywood film set, all the lawns trimmed to perfection. I half expected the Steptford Wives to pop out of the front doors.

Of course you have to walk on the beach, don't you, and take a picture of the seaweed.

This is the point where another walk starts in the library book, so I am going to attempt to follow it. Just before me, a group of school children set off with their teachers, all clad in their safety gear. I caught them up as they were clambering over the rocks to study the shore line.

The book said straight ahead keeping the sea close on the left hand side. It was quite windy and boggy underfoot in places, but quite exhilerating.

The further I went the higher the path went, and the more blustery it got. I reached a part where the path became very narrow, see photo below, it went round the side of a huge rock, and I had trouble staying on my feet. It was quite a steep drop down, so I made the decision to turn round and go back, it was too dangerous. I could see my eight stone being blown over the edge, best to abandon that idea.

I got back to the car park and watched the firemen and woman practising with their hose pipes.

Plan B was to take the Sustrans cycle route to Dunbeg, a nice tarmac path to walk along. It was very steep in places. I don't think anyone could have pedalled up a hill that steep, it was as steep as a roller coaster ride.

When I got to the end, I turned round and came back. The weather up to then had been fine, very blustery but dry, even sunny in places. Then the rain came, so I set off back to Oban.

As I came back along the Esplanade it was blowing a gale, and freezing cold. I couldn't believe what this man was doing in the sea. He was hanging on to a kite' and skimming along the water at a terrific rate of knots on a single ski. All of a sudden the wind would lift him high out of the water and he would drop back down and carry on. He must have had amazing strength in his shoulders and arms. I thought he must be a bit bonkers, I was frozen and fully dressed so what was he like in his ski gear with bare feet and no gloves. Probably running on adrenalin.

Someone commented that I must have been to Tesco here, well yes I have. I fancied a drink of wine with my dinner tonight, so I have treated myself. My dinner was cheap though, reduced price mushrooms cooked in sesame seed oil with broccoli and onion, and a spud in the microwave.

I saw me on the box tonight, twice this week. I think if the series was to go on longer it would get better. They did start to steer away from the old fashioned money saving, and modernise it a bit.

Off to Mull tomorrow, hope I don't throw up on the boat, how embarrassing, ha ha.


  1. I know that shoe shop and I know the prices in the full price shop as there's one near where I live eek!

    Also I hate those new houses at Ganavan Sands, it used to be a great caravan and campsite - you could camp on the grassy bit just above the beach and wach all the ferries come and go. I bet it won't be long before the people in the houses try to stop you from parking at the beach.

  2. I'm loving your visit to Oban!

    Sandie xx

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  4. :0) Love your pictures...really brought back some memories for me...the first time hubby took me to scotland we went to the iona shop and he bought me a st martins cross which I adore!...also the ferry pictures!!..happy memories of arriving back here for good on Lewis in january..the ferry was kind to us on the crossing :0) take your own snacks/drinks with you as they are expensive on the ferry! ..thankyou for posting your pics..its brought a big smile to my face! enjoy the rest of your holiday hun :0) and keep blogging! mwahhhhhhh xxxxxx

  5. Your holiday looks brilliant. Don't know if this is on the itinerary of your holiday but it looks like the Glenfiddich distillery do well regarded tours for free!!!!

  6. Such a beautiful part of Scotland. You're off to Mull - my favourite place ever. I'm certain you'll love it too. Have a great time :o)

  7. Loving the photos - it is years since I have been to Oban! Hope you are having a great time, whatever the weather. Watched you on TV last night, too - excellent tip about the curtains :-)

  8. Glad you are having a great time - i spent quite a few caravan holidays at Ganavan sands - sad theres nothing left of the campsite - lovely pictures

  9. I love the coast! Here in the USA I doubt you can find coastline without development like I see in your pictures. Americans would have pushed little carts out there and tried to sell you something! ;)

  10. Loving the photos of your trip. Appreciate you taking the time to post them up every night after your travels. I look forward to reading your blog every day now. Came across this link regarding gardens on Mull, they are free to have a look around.

    May be worth a look in. Enjoy your ferry trip over, I hope you get a calm crossing and don't turn green whilst on the boat. Take care

  11. Really enjoying your tour. Mum was 91 today, so I went around to take her presents and she saw the TV programme, which I completely forgot about. Last week I recorded it and haven't watched it yet so will have to watch this on on demand. Shame about the hostel being renovated, it would have been nice to stay there.

  12. Loving all of your holiday photos. Looks like you're having a fab time :-)

  13. Phew, I`m finally able to post comments again.
    Had so much trouble with blogger problems that I was unable to say how much I enjoy your pics and the travel journal. Looks as if you had a good time dispite the weather.

  14. Hope you got over to the Isle of Mull ok, and you're not drookit from the rain.

  15. fabulous glad I got to come along. love your shop!!

  16. Fabulous photos. Looks like a great day. No need for cod and chips at £8.20. "How much?"

  17. Great photos again. I love the one of the wind surfer.

  18. This blog is the Dog's Gonads!


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