Friday, 27 May 2011

A gushy, sloppy, mushy, thanks from me

Thank you for your lovely comments, despite the difficulties posting them. I read them all, and it's lovely to see people commenting for the first time. Many are reading my older posts even from one year ago. Thank you aligforreal, I'm glad you found the post about the Minack Theatre, one of my favourite places.

Christy, your boys will love the Royal Yacht, I'm pleased the younger generation find bits of my blog interesting, thank you boys for reading.

Hello mother noah, thanks popping in, thanks for your comment.

gz,I've been reading your blog. I hope you find a way through, thinking about you.

Hi Cynthia from Oz, I am so excited that you are here, reading my little blog.

Sorry if I haven't mentioned you personally. I am not normally a gushy, sloppy, mushy, kind of person, but you lot really warm the cockles of my heart. There, I've said it, that's all the sloppy stuff done, ha ha. I'm off to Sue's now. She has a load of rubbish that wants taking down the tip. Catch you later.


  1. You look so pretty and feminine in that dress I'm not surprised you went mushy for a bit. lol.


  2. Have a great weekend.

    Sandie xx

  3. Thanks very much for my mention, that's really nice of you to say. The boys will be chuffed too. I'm a sentimental git so sitting here with a tear in my eye. I often visit MoneySavingExpert and I follow your threads and posts on there too. Take care, Christy x

  4. Ilona, I just read on another Blog, that when you get to the SIGN IN page, you UNclick remember me and that works! I can comment as myself again YIPPEE!

  5. I should have said UNCLICK the "keep me signed in" box (senior moment, need a cuppa LOL).

  6. think the dress is really pretty! Glad you are keeping it! Caught up with Super scrimpers while I was in the UK; my son recorded it all for me! Had hoped to see more of you! I thought they focused all of each show on one person...but I enjoyed what I saw!

  7. Sometimes looking back on someone's blog is more interesting that watching TV programmes! It's certainly interesting seeing people's holiday pictures that aren't just people grinning inanely into a camera on a beach etc.

    Your animals will be glad to see you back Ilona.

    I need a cuppa too Kath - I've just spent the last hour having someone put me on wireless - quite traumatic. I gave him an eMac which I wasn't using on Freegle, he's just starting a computer business so gave me this in return which I very much appreciated. He's now got a new customer as I'm sure he's not so much a rip off merchant as the Apple dealerships we have here.