Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A bit more stretch in £1

It was a sandwich for lunch today, so I made a smiley meal for tonight.

Spinach, peas and blackcurrants out of the garden. Steamed potatoes, cauliflower, peas and sweetcorn. One tomato, one nectarine, one veggie grill, and one free strawberry from a punnet that Janet gave me. All good stuff that you can eat loads of.

I went to town this afternoon, and picked up a few bits to top up my food stores while I was there.

Aldi -

Cauliflower 79p, 6 bananas 67p, six tomatoes 69p.

Home Bargains -

6 Free range eggs 89p, 3pack tuna flakes in brine 99p, worth a try at 33p a tin I usually pay 45p a tin from Tesco. Litre carton fruit juice 39p.

Wilko -

Rich tea biscuits 38p half price. Dont usually shop here as everything is too dear, but was looking for special offer on cat food, didn't find any.

Iceland -

4 veggie grills £1, Cannelloni £1, 6 yogurts £1.

Note that everything is £1 or less, I hate paying more than a pound for anything. The veggie grills will give me four meals with vegetables. A banana topped with yogurt makes it 27p for a pudding. The fruit juice will make 2 + litres of drinks. Tuna flakes will be shared with the cats as a treat. Trying to make a pound stretch like elastic, ha ha.


  1. Your food prices in the UK are UNBELIEVEABLY CHEAP. Bananas are the equivalent of 9 pounds a kilo here at the moment!

    While I'm at it, just want to say I read your blog with interest every day even though I rarely comment, the scenic photos from your walks are lovely and as someone else commented the other day, you talk a lot of sense, which I think is great. Keep up the good work I say!

  2. I love your smiley faces at the moment. They make me smile too.

  3. I was lucky yesterday in morrisons. Picked up 2 cauliflowers and 2 melons for 25 pence each, 3 bunches of spring onions for 39 pence and 4 swedes for 58 pence. A grand total of £1 .97. :) used 1 swede for tea mashed with black pepper and chilli flakes . Yum .
    Now what to do with the rest ?

  4. Hahaha. Gotta love smiley faces. I'll have to make something like that for Paul soon. He'd find that really funny :)

  5. Loving the smiley face meal, mum used to make them for me when I was younger!

  6. I`m amazed at your bargains from Tesco. Our Tesco had a re-vamp some weeks ago. And now I can hardly ever find any bargains anymore. Quality has dropped too. I`m contemplating doing my shopping at Sainsbury`s from now on.
    I tried it today and was pleasantly surprised
    with the quality of the items I bought. My shopping bill was a little less than I would have payed in Tesco. Maybe it`s time for a change.