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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Burgtor visits

I'm really getting into this boat lark, look what I saw yesterday morning. We have a small wharf down at the bottom of the hill, next to the River Trent. Quite a few boats pass this point en route to Gunness and Keadby, and one or two stop here at Burton. This yard has always caused a lot of bother to the residents of the village, especially those who live on the hill, and for those in the pub at the top. It is a sharp tight corner for the trucks to manouvre round, and the side has been taken out of the pub a few times.

At the moment the wharf is being used for cement storage, so there are a fair few lorries around. It's a shame I couldn't get closer to the boat to take the photo's.

I got the front of it, and the back. The bit in the middle is where the cargo is carried.

Now doing a bit of research, googling the name, Burgtor, I see she was built in Portugal in 1989. She flies the Antigua Barbuda flag. I found the web site where you can track boats, thank you Brian for pointing me in that direction, and added these photo's. To see it look here

Interesting what you can find out :0)

I don't know why that link doesn't work, I have checked it six times.


  1. How fascinating! Could get addictive though don't you think?

    When we went to the Panama Canal a few years ago we enjoyed looking at the flags flown on the sailing vessels.

    Sft x

  2. Enjoyed this. I like all things "boat" (or ship). DH was a man of the sea during his entire career.


  3. Great photos and very interesting information. I love boats :-)

  4. Thanks for popping over to the new blog x

  5. "getting into this boat lark ..."

    Ha ha! (As you would say). Some would say a 'Ship' lark though - a boat can fit onto a ship, but a ship cannot fit onto a boat!

    This link is working:

    And your link:
    works for me. Pic of Burgtor, which is credited to you, will be appreciated worldwide.


  6. Great pics of the Burgtor. I spent a while yesterday on the Marine Traffic website having a browse after you'd posted the link. Very interesting. I also use the bikehike site that you posted, it's very useful. Thanks for the info. Regards, Christy. x


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