Saturday, 11 June 2011

A day out in Blackpool

I'm rushing against the clock here, my dongle is about to expire, and it's getting dark. I didn't have to wait long for a bus into town. Here are a couple of the famous Blackpool trams that go up and down the promenade.

There was a lot going on around North Pier, some very flamboyantly dressed people, and quite a few drag queens. It seems Blackpool Pride was happening on the pier. Sadly it wasn't free to enter so that ruled me out.

The prom is littered with fencing and a large section is closed to traffic. They are doing a lot of landscaping, the parts they have done look quite good, but what a pain to have all the mess in your photo's though.

The Tower is covered in scaffolding, and the building around the bottom of it is a terrible mess.

Madame Tussaud looks very colourfull, and it looks like they have updated their collection with all the latest television personalities.

More fencing as you look up the Promenade.

I walked from the town centre to Star Gate at South Shore, passing all the hotels and boarding houses along the way. This one looked bright and cheery.

The parts they have finished have been given some grass, somebody will have a lot of mowing to do.

These bicycles for hire are a bit like those I saw in London, looks like they have pinched Boris's idea. I wonder if any ever get nicked.

Anyone for the pier?

If you are very clever with a crane you could maybe grab a cuddly toy. Four goes for £1.

Or maybe you might be better at hook a duck.

This is one thing I have never done, had my fortune told. This Petulengro woman certainly gets around, she is everywhere.

Now we have all seen the horse drawn carriages up and down the Prom, but look at this then, very stylish eh! The modern version.

Here we are at the Pleasure Beach. I thought it might be nice to take a look around, as I used to work there, but they wanted £5 entrance fee. Stuff that for a game of soldiers, I'm not paying that, so I didn't go in. I was quite disappointed.

Here is the biggest disco ball you have ever seen.

I hopped on a tram at this point and rode it up to Bispham and back, lucky I had my bus pass.
This is North Pier.

I walked all the way back to Poulton to the camp site and made my tea in the back of the car. Beans, salad leaves and mackeral fillets.

Got to stop, I can't see a bloomin thing, I'm off to bed.


  1. £5.00 wow thats expensive!!

  2. I can't say that I'd find a resort like Blackpool attractive! Not my thing atall!

    btw, the Petulengro family has been going in the same business for many generations is quite widespread.

  3. Don't understand how Pride can be charged for. We have a fabulous one in Toronto...goes down the main streets and everyone is invited.
    My nan and grandad used to have a boarding house in Blackpool called the Toronto Hotel. I only ever went there once, at Christmas, and I remember going along the main street on the top of a bus.
    Jane x

  4. I didn't realise there was a charge to get into the Pleasure Beach. There's no way I'd have paid a fiver either. Bit of a cheek I think! Most people will spend a fair bit of money when they get inside too.

  5. Every Easter, there's a Mixed Hockey Festival in Blackpool. Blight-of-my-life used to play for a local team that was usually invited to participate, so we've spent quite a few weekends in sunny Blackpool.

    As the hockey pitches are at Stanley Park, we spent most of the day well away from the dubious glamour of the sea front, but the evenings usually degenerated into the team staggering off to some "interesting" restuarant then finding our way back to the team hotel and staying up ridiculously late, drinking in the bar.

    Is it true that Blackpool is twinned with Sodom and Gomorrah? :)

  6. My mum went to Pride today!

  7. love this post, especially your lunch photo...thanks so much for sharing, MQ! seems the tourist attractions look pretty much the same between the USA and the UK!

  8. Had a holiday once in Blackpool when I was about 10 or so - stayed at the Norbreck Castle hotel, I believe it was called - huge place! Went on the Big Dipper and the Grand National rollercoasters and scared my poor mum witless!

  9. We were in Blackpool at the end of May last year and there was fencing everywhere then so it doesn't look like a lot has changed. We were quite disappointed with how shabby everything looked. But we had a good time using it as a base to go to the lakes for the day over to Leeds. We also went along the coast to Lytham St. Anne's which is lovely and to Fleetwood.

  10. The photos are fab, I like the horse drawn carriage, so that's where Jordan got her idea for her wedding to Peter. ;-) They'll be charging for the air we breathe next(!) Just been having a read about the Pleasure Beach and a lot of people saying they took in the charge to stop anti-social behaviour and groups of kids hanging around the Pleasure Beach, which I think it's succeeded in doing. It's ashame they couldn't make it free for pensioners though. Grandparents must spend a fortune if they go with their grandkids etc. Your lunch looked tasty. We have a big one day Agricultural Show that is held once a year up here, used to get in for free when I was a kid as we lived nearby. Now they have it all fenced in and they charge for EVERYTHING! Used to be able to have a nosey around the day before the show for free, now they charge for that too. Haven't been for years.

    Rent a bike is quite pricey, and they have a £50 deposit too.

    Kettlewell looks a lovely place, very picturesque. Looking forward to seeing the scenic pictures you post from there.

    Don't forget the cream buns for any posing you might do. ;-) Think months of the year. ;-)

    Have a safe journey to your next destination. Hope the weather is nice for you. Cheers x

  11. Places like Blackpool are fine for a quick visit and some "people watching", but not really my kind of town. I love your atmospheric photo of the pier at dusk.

  12. Nice colourful pics. Shame about this extortionate entrance fee.
    Your camping dinner looked rather lovely!

  13. The other half has been on Boris bikes. They are fairly basic . I like the yellow frames of the Blackpool version though. The london version can be borrowed free providing you only have them a short time between returns. I often wonder if it would be possible to relay ride around london free on a new one every bike stop or whether you would run out of available bikes.

  14. Haven't been to Blackpool for years. Today we were at Classic Car Show at Garstang, not far away from Blackpool and it chucked it down.

    It was a shame for the little traders and the people showing their cars.

  15. Hi Ilona, looks like you are having a great time. Poor old Blackpool looks a bit dismal with all the fencing and scaffolding. Hope you are dry, it is piddling down here in Gy. Regards Sally.

  16. My sister took her grandson to Blackpool last week for the day. It's been over 20 years since she last went and she said it will be another 20 years before she will go again. I lived in Inskip for a few years which wasn't that far from Blackpool, Morecambe and Southport.