Monday, 20 June 2011

Spend less - shop on a bike

What a fantastic response to yesterdays post, thank you all so very much for adding your comments. I'm glad that you like reading my blog as much as I like writing it. If I didn't have this blog I would be sat on my ass wasting time doing sod all. You all spur me on to get out there, keep busy, think of new ideas, and fill my life up to bursting point. You are the inspiration I need to sit at this keyboard every day, tapping away about whatever comes into my head.

Today was a lovely day for a bike ride, no not the leathers, too hot for that. I returned the tin of red paint to my friend Bob who lives on the other side of town. As I went past the flashing warning sign that tells you how fast you are going, I laughed when it flashed up 8mph. I was taking it a bit steady I am very cautious in traffic.

After a nice chat and a drink of squash, I waved farewell to Bob, and left him in peace to watch the tennis. As I am out and about I might as well go to Tesco to see if there is anything reduced. It is one week since I did my last shop which cost £9, and I am getting a bit low on some things. I was lucky, the young lady who works on the veg stall wheeled out a trolley load of reduced stuff she had just priced up in the back. We were all attacking it like vultures, ha ha.

Here is the bike ready to come home, panniers stuffed and a bag on the carrier. I was a bit hungry so I ate a 35p cheese and onion pasty before I set off.

I checked the mileage and it was 20 miles, and my bum was a bit sore again. It was suggested I get a gel saddle, but hey, look at this, I already have one. I noticed when I was riding that I kept sliding forward. I wonder if I tilt it up at the front my bum would slide backwards towards the wide part at the back. Worth a try, I think.

Anyway, this is the result of my forraging in Tesco, or was I gleaning, ha ha. This came to £6.60. I am writing the prices on the tins and packets now, so I can keep a check. Didn't get any bread as I have some in the freezer, and it also wasn't cheap enough. I got a packet of crumpets though, because I haven't had any for ages and I fancied them. I got the cream crackers for a change, I like them with Tesco Value cream cheese on them.

A couple of treats, nectarines and cherries, there's no way I would ever pay full price for them. Spinach is a must for me but only if it's been reduced. I'll try and make this last the week. I already have some onions, and can use up the home made frozen stuff I have in the freezer. I have also still got loads of bran flakes and porridge from the bulk buy special offer way back, so that's my breakfasts sorted. I might need to get six eggs in the next few days. I have enough cat food to last a week, that's if the neighbours cats don't come round begging.

There's one good thing about shopping on a bike, it doesn't half curb your spending, because you can't carry a lot.


  1. Looks like another good haul and the produce looks fresh too.
    I am going to try to bike down to where I shop. I cant see if your bike is locked or not. Cherries are an awful price here in the States this year but the whole watermelons are not and they are very sweet.
    (I would kill for those parsnips)
    You can work out how much petrol/depreciation every mile costs. Might be fun to document it to see how much you are saving while biking.

  2. Love your blogg. I like to check in every night Im always looking for a way to save a few pence.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Lizzie I locked the bike up onto a steel rail next to the trolley park. I have two locks. I moved away from the entrance to sit down for ten minutes, where I took the pic. I am trying not to use the car for a while because I have done a lot of miles recently. I can't tell you how much I am saving because I am hopeless at working it out.

  4. I'm with Lizzie...I love parsnips but they are so expensive here. We are trying to grow our own but our growing season is so short, and they take so long to grow. When I lived in England I would go to the shops on my bike, and wobble all the way home with the bags hanging off my handlebars.
    Jane x

  5. I thought I posted this once. I had an exercise bike with the the front tilted up. the vibrations of the bike and where the front tip hit me made for a disconcerting ride. I could not ride it more than five minutes, maybe three, before I had to get off and recover. I can be more explicit if anyone doesn't get the picture. I finally gave the exercise bike away because of a torn meniscus and there was no room for the bike where I wanted it so I would ride--right in the middle of the den. Make sure you have a tool to readjust the seat if you leave home with the front tilted up.

  6. It's amazing what you can carry on a bike.

    A brilliant cut-price haul there. I LOVE little yellow stickers!!

    Sue xx

  7. A good shop!

    techie point...saddles need to be level.
    If you are sliding forward or back, other parts of the bike are not in the right position.

    You need help to see what isn't right, and a quality bike shop will do that for free, or the club coach of your local bike club. Bike clubs are not just for racing, they are for cyclists.

    Small pointers. Ball of foot goes over pedal axle. When cranks are level, the front point of the front knee should be above the pedal axle, I seem to remember.
    When your foot is at the lowest point of the rev, your leg shouldn't be straight, but lightly flexed. If your hips rock when you pedal, saddle is too high.
    Hold the bars and look at the front axle-the handlebars should be in the way!
    These are not "set in stone" as every ones' body proportions are different.
    So get help, and keep that saddle level, or you'll be more sore!!

  8. Thats a good haul! Great idea to go shopping on a bike, hadn't though about it stopping the over spend due to the carrying home but it makes a lot of sense really!
    take care
    Sarah x

  9. The front tip of your saddle should be the same distance as your elbow if you touch the handlebars with your fingers(arm held as though it is a cross bar). If you have a particularly bony behind (I do),it is more comfortable to have less width across the bony area ,else it feels like you are pedaling from an armchair instead of a saddle. There should be a loosening bolt under the saddle to let you slide it back and forth.

  10. gz and Old She Dragon - you've taken the words out of my mouth! The way I was taught by my Dad (who was a top line racing cyclist in his day) and pretty standard instruction also I believe, is to put the heel onto the pedal, leg should be just straight. Then with the ball of the foot on pedal, should be just right.

    Ilona, don't forget to look for old sheepskin mitts to make a saddle cover. If you make one, you might have to lower saddle a LITTLE.

    I wish our ASDA had more offers other than at 8.30 at night. That's the time I'm usually getting OH's dinner ready as he works late.

    I'm about to acquire a Bike Hod cycle trailer. A friend has got one for me and she's giving it me because I'm always letting her have cycling clothing and other stuff from charity shops. There's no bag on it but I'm sure I can fix somthing up. That means I don't have to lug one big pannier on my bike! Going to York at weekend to the cycle rally and will collect it then.

    I love waiting for your new posts Ilona, you just never know what you're going to write next! That's what makes it so interesting.

  11. I LOVE your marked down bargains, way to go! I julienne parsnips with carrot and saute until tender in butter. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and a touch of freshly grated nutmeg, delicious!

  12. When I started to ride a bike many years ago, before I got padded cycle shorts, I was told to wear my nics inside out so there was no seam digging into my undercarriage! it did help. Ali.