Friday, 5 August 2011

Making a right pigs ear of this, ha ha

Animals at the Pink Pig Organic Farm. An afternoon out with the kids.


  1. Those piglets are so charming, I'd love to cuddle one. Did the children like their day out?

  2. Toffeeapple is picturing cuddles, while I'm hearing squeals and I think I'm smelling something too. ;) (thanks for sharing your outing with us, MQ!)

  3. Are the animals pets or food?
    Jane x

  4. Hi Jane. The pigs are food, they sell the meat in the shop. I'm not sure about the other animals, mostly pets I guess. They sell their own free range eggs. It's quite pricey. We treated ourselves to hot chocolate and scrummy sponge cake, something you would do once a year maybe. Yes the kids liked it, Macy loved feeding the animals, they sell bags of feed.

  5. Looks like a great place to take kids. I think those little piggies are so cute.


  6. Hi Ilona, just to let you know your Photobucket photo's aren't showing on some posts like this one. Love the blog, you are an inspiration and I am reading from the start! Lin x

    1. Hi Lin. Yes, there are some posts where the photo's have been removed by Photobucket, because I wont pay them what they want. I used Photobucket for a while because I was up to my storage limit with Google/Picasa. I now pay Google the small sum of £4 a year to have unlimited storage, so hopefully my photo's will stay where they are from now on.