Friday, 9 September 2011

Circular walk in the Lincolnshire Wolds

I've had a smashing day today, The weather has been good, sunny and hot at times, with a slight breeze, ideal for a walk. Here is a map of the route, it was 12.69 miles. I parked up outside the church in East Ravendale, North East Lincolnshire. Don't forget you can click on the photo's to enlarge them.

Before I started however, I paid a visit to the Arts and Heritage Centre in Caistor. I gave a talk here in April, a few days after it opened. The building was derelict before the local people were awarded a grant to do it up. It has a library and a cafe, and is run by volunteers. They made a programme about the transformation on BBC TV. Today I treated myself to a capuccino and a big chunk of coffee gateau. If you want to read more about the building and the project they have a web site.

After a lot of chatting to people, it's such a friendly place, I eventually started my walk at East Ravendale. I was lucky that there wasn't much road walking today, it was mostly around or across fields, and through woods. I arrived at Ashby Cum Fenby, what a lovely name for a lovely little village. There are masses of berries on this bush. Some very posh houses here.

And pretty cottages.

There are a row of cottages which share the grounds of the church.

How lovely to see this when you look out of your window.

A convenient place to park my bum for a few minutes reflection.

Plenty of views like this, the yellow marker arrows are helpfull. I didn't see any other ramblers at all, I have the place to myself, it's lovely and peacefull.

Over another wooden bridge and into a wood.

All the trees have been planted in straight lines, with a thick carpet of grass to walk over. There was a slight breeze whispering through the branches. Magic.

Now somewhere across this field I should spy a church, ah there it is. I am coming into the small village, which is more like a hamlet, of Grainsby. The path comes into the grounds at the back of the church.

Wow, take a peek over this wall! The garden of the Old Rectory next to the church, is a sea of colour, there are thousands of dahlias.

Every nook and cranny is crammed with them. Along the kerb edge just below the wall are a lot of labels, with the names of the different varieties. Someone has a nice little business here, probably supplying florists and selling at markets.

Gorgeous blooms.

At the front of the house there a few bunches for sale.

Onward I go, crossing the main A16, between Grimsby and Louth, and turning right along a path to North Thoresby. The path turns into a wide track before it reaches the back of St Helen's Church. The web site describes this as, 'A delightful mish - mash of architectual styles'.

The pews are 19th century, but the ends are from the 1530's and have these fascinating carvings. It is thought that these are the initials of the people who rented the pews.

I like this short poem pinned to the door.

On a bend in the village is a small triangle of grass. This was where they put straying livestock until they were collected by the owner.

Just down the road is the old school building surrounded by a lovely cottage garden, now it's a private house. I had an interesting chat with the lady who was tidying up the borders. I love those windows.

There is a little park in the main street, with modern ornamental iron fences around it.

Leaving the village I crossed back over the A16 and walked down a short stretch of road towards a factory. The path went anti clockwise around the perimeter fence, as I got closer I saw it was a recycling factory. There were bales of waste stacked up in the yard, mainly plastics and cardboard. This is the plastic that you don't put into your kerbside collection bins.

I took this photo to show the beauty of mother nature in contrast to the ugliness of man made rubbish. Some people might say this kind of place is a blight on the countryside, but I think this is a good place to site it. It's hidden from view, screened by trees, and well away from the main road. It has to go somewhere.

Leaving the factory I set off across the middle of an open field full of sleepy cattle dozing in the sun. Well they were dozing when I entered the field. I gave them a wide berth just in case they took an interest in me. I was right to. Half way across a couple of them spotted me and got to their feet, this prompted them all to get up and start walking towards me. Within half a minute their stroll of curiosity turned into a 'what the bloody hell are you doing in our field', gallop towards me. Trying not to run away, because this might prompt them to gallop even faster, I turned round several times, waved my arms and map at them and shouted in a deep gruff voice like a loony woman. This had the desired effect and they hesitated to come too close. Phew, I just made it through the gate, and they had the sense not to attempt to cross the cattle grid. They are lovely though, aren't they.

Next I crossed the main A18, another busy north - south trunk road. I skirted round the edge of Beesby Wood, and through the middle of another wood called The Valley. The gate at the end of the wood.

I joined a minor road for a short distance then took the path running parallel to it, to Wold Newton. All Hallows church looks a little bit neglected. There is no vehicle access so it would be difficult to get any equipment close to do maintenance work. It has a quaint little bell tower which looks like it has been added as an afterthought as it is perched very precariously on the top corner.

According to the Parish web site they still have services there once a month.

An unusual feature is the rounded walls.

The walk up to it from the road is through a field, and through this front gate.

On the last leg back now, it's a lovely summers day, and a stroll through the fields is just the ticket. I am so lucky to be here.

Skirting around some woods I come across a stretch of lush, neatly manicured grass. It's a mini air field for model aircraft enthusiasts to use.

According to the map I have to turn left here, now where is the marker post? Oh, there it is, fallen down because it's rotten at the bottom.

I am coming to the end of my walk, entering the village where my car is parked. Oh look, I have just been walking along the Wanderlust Way, how fab.


  1. A lovely walk Ilona. That last church did look odd with the bell tower seemingly 'stuck' on that corner. I wouldn't have gone into the field with cattle, they can gang up on you, you were brave.

  2. Fabulous pics and account of your walk!

  3. What an interesting walk! I love that old school building and I always think churches with a Lych Gate look so quaint and nice!

  4. Thanks for the lovely walk Ilona...makes me feel like I was almost there...

  5. I've just stumbled across your blog but will definitely be coming back! I lived in the UK for most of my life and "walks" like this make me VERY homesick.... Lovely to be able to share with you. lol

  6. I love going on your walks Ilona, just beautiful, thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  7. Another wonderful walk in your lovely part of Lincolnshire. Thank you.

  8. Cracking photos. I like the ones of the flowers and the ornamental fencing. You walk through some very pretty villages. Would be lovely in Winter with a covering of snow too. Christy.

  9. By a remarkable coincidence, I did almost the exact same walk (went via Stock Furlong instead of The Valley) yesterday, only in reverse, and found yours today! Apart from the hideous recycling centre, it was a very nice walk.

  10. I enjoyed your walk today and especially looking at all the quaint old churches and interesting signs along the way. Since I can't walk nor stand for long, I'd have to tour on a bicycle, motor scooter or sedgeway. Are there tours for those type of vehicles? I'd love to visit the UK, but will have to content myself with traveling via the internet and television. sigh!


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