Friday, 16 September 2011

Demolition Overture

No I haven't been to the fair today, this is not the helter skelter. It's the back of our leisure centre, the bit where people launch themselves down a watery tube, and plop into the pool at the bottom. It's looking a bit tired now, it's scruffy and dirty, and a bit of an eyesore.

It's right next to the bus station in the town centre, opposite the multistorey car park. We have a new facility now called The Pods which houses a gymnasium, pool, and sports facilities. It looks a bit like a mini Eden Project, and must have cost a fortune. Anyway, this one is redundant and is being demolished, the car park will be obliterated as well.

It's not that long ago since they demolished the night club next door. I love to watch the drivers and machines at work, smashing through the outside walls and breaking through the internal walls exposing the innards of the building.

I met a young lady with her camera and exchanged a few words. She also was fascinated by it. It was comforting to know that I am not alone in my interest of construction and destruction. We snapped away together, sisters in awe.

I had an imaginary orchestra in my head, it was playing the 18 12 Overture as the monsters head thrashed about bringing down anything in it's path.

With it's jaws open wide, and an evil look in it's eye, it attacked the fabric of the building bringing it down to it's knees.

Crash bang wallop, clouds of dust rose from the wreckage, as great chunks of iron were ripped from the foundations. It was so exciting :o)

That's it, big drum roll to finish.


  1. It is fascinating to watch things like that! I used to love watching Fred Dibnah bring down chimneys when I was little. I've never seen a building being demolished in front of me, but I know I'd stand and watch!

  2. Ah, I like to watch construction and demolition. The trouble is the men are just sure you are stopping and watching to gaze upon their bodies! They stop work or just work and look every few seconds. It is quite disheartening. I usually have to settle with driving around after the men leave and look at the work done during the day. I like how buildings go together. Strangely, I like how they come down.

  3. It's like seeing thing slowly unfurl isn't it? Brilliant post!

  4. oh this reminds me of the new road construction near us about 20 years ago. I used to take my toddlers up to watch it because my son was obsessed with 'diggers'. We even got to see a spectacular crash as they removed the support for the new foot bridge rather too haphazardly.

  5. Great photos. A moment in the history of your town.

    Will they build some homes there, instead of spreading onto green belt? I hope so......

  6. Great pictures. I wonder what will be built in it's place. Flats, houses, hotel etc. Be interesting to see the progression of the new building if and when it happens too. We have a new Premier Inn being built just next to Tesco, 100 rooms, small. The site used to be a shortcut for us to town but not anymore. It's interesting to see how places change, even when you look on Google street maps,you see places change in such a short time. New houses and buildings going up all the time. Wondering now what's going to go in it's place. Christy

  7. Oh, we have one of those horrid flume thingies at our local Sports centre, too. Well outdated and garstly looking. Can`t wait to see that being taken away eventually. Sometimes you wish you could be in one of those demolition vehicles, just to let your frustration out on some of these obsolete buildings, lol.