Thursday, 1 September 2011

Four bags of shopping

I had planned on going shopping last night, but completely forgot about it until it was too late. Timing is crucial when you want to get the reduced price fresh food about to go out of date. I am pleased to say, tonight I timed it just right, I arrived at Tesco at 7.30pm. There was already some reduced items but it was mostly meat which I bypassed, and went to the fruit and veg, then on to the bread. I got a few things but not as much as I would have liked. Wholemeal bread rolls were dead cheap so I got some for the freezer.

I took a pen and notepaper with me to add up as I went along. I needed to stop at £20 to use the £4 off voucher. I put a few other things in the trolley that I would normally buy, still adding up.

It always pays to go back to the reduced counters in case the ladies with the ticket machines have added more to it. I went back to the veg department and bingo, I hit the jackpot. These were my best buys.

Big bag salad leaves was £1.74 - now 17p
Bunches spring onions was £1 - now 10p. I got 4.
Bag iceberg lettuce was 75p - now 20p. I got 2.
Bag egg noodles was £1 - now 10p.
Cartons prepared fresh fruit was £2 - now 20p. I got 2.
Three bean salad was £1.75 - now 17p
Pasta and red pepper salad was £1.05 - now 10p.
There were bags of bananas dead cheap. I had to rummage in the bottom of my trolley to put back the bananas I had previously picked up from the counter, ha ha.

I would have got a lot more but most of it will have to be eaten within a few days. It would be alright in the fridge, but I am away this weekend. I have put some bottles of water in the freezer to put in the cool box when I go tomorrow, I'll take it with me, it should be ok. So that's most of my food for the weekend, I won't need to eat at the pub. I might pick the cheapest snack just to be sociable :o)

In the mad scramble to grab the reduced stuff I went slightly over £20. It came to £24.05, so with the voucher off it made it £20.05. Near enough.Toodle pip.


  1. Brilliant we do this too, for a family it's revolutionised our shopping and eating habits. Our budget is hugely reduced and we no longer pop in for a normal shop. Really inspired and works brilliantly to keep beating the system!Well done you.

    Great post!

  2. Great reductions, well done!

    Are those your pants in the header?

  3. They look like panty elastic to me. Good job shopping! Try another lettuce or salad green rather than iceberg. Iceberg is practically nutrient-free. The darker lettuces are chock full of nutrients. Google this for a more complete picture. Iceberg lettuce is really a waste of money as far as nutrition goes. I quit eating it 20 years ago.

  4. We never get bargins like that here in Chicago - we have what is called loss leaders - a few items every week at very low prices just to attract you in. We do have one small store that reduces their fruit and veg and bread but most of it is a bit ropey. Our food prices are going up and up - we are told that the days of cheap food are over due lots of different reasons.
    If we did nt know how to shop and cook we would be sunk.
    Have a great weekend !

  5. Hi lizzie, If I couldn't get the reduced price food I would be struggling to live. Every time I go shopping I notice something has gone up in price so I look for a cheaper alternative. It really is a juggling game. If Tesco stopped doing it I would have to resort to foraging in the bins round the back of the market.

    Yes, you spotted my pants, LBM.

    OFlowers, I know what you mean about no longer popping in for a normal shop. Purchasing my food supplies is like a military operation, cherry picking the best buys from several different places. It's got to be done.

    Hi PP. I like the crispness of iceberg lettuce, it livens up a dull sandwich to make it more appealing and interesting. My preference is for spinach, but if that is not reduced, any green leaves will do, watercress being another favourite.

  6. You have done well with the reduced items. And you are right. Shopping is going to be a juggling act now. Prices keep going up and we are also looking for the bargains everytime we shop. As you say, it has to be a regular way of shopping now.

  7. I really like reading the posts where you've got yourself bargains. Plenty roughage in that little lot, my late gran always went on about getting enough roughage. :-) Snazzy shopping bags too, very colourful. The prepared fruit, when reduced is nice to get. I managed to get 2 punnets of Saturn peaches the other day, normally £1.29 and reduced to 25p. They look like little doughnuts, are nice if you can get them. Do you ever make your own juices, Ilona? If you get a lot of veg reduced, you could juice some and use the left over pulp for soups/stews. You might be able to get a juicer on Freecycle. Enjoy your weekend, I hope the weather is kind to you. Cheers, Christy.

  8. Loving the pants header pic LOL