Sunday, 4 September 2011

Man's best friend

Hi, I'm back from the camping weekend in Derbyshire, a quick post before bed time. I met up with a gang from and had a great time. This is my favourite photo.

Mitch the border collie came along with his owner Paul, (forum name mananddog), isn't he adorable. Midge was a star, everyone loved him. He came from a Rescue at a young age, and had been living in a totally unsuitable home with a small garden. He was never taken out for walks, so he was very nervous. This breed of dog has boundless energy, superior intelligence and needs to work, unfortumately some people do not understand this and think it's ok to heep them as a pet. Paul managed to build up his confidence, and train him to his own commands, similar to what a sheep dog would learn. It was a joy to watch the two of them work in perfect harmony, Midge desperate to please his master and enjoying every minute of it.

I'll catch you tomorrow with more photo's, nighty night.


  1. That is a beautiful dog. Sleep well.
    Jane x

  2. Glad you had a great weekend!

  3. I had a Border Collie once. It would try to herd me to keep me from going inside. She knew what her work I want another to help watch the hens and keep them safe. It is not hard to round up three hungry hens, but I needed a dog last they were harder to catch and there were more. I think Border Collies are the best dog on earth.

  4. What a cracking photo, Mitch has some lovely colours in his coat. Pleased to hear you had a good weekend camping.

  5. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Good to see you are home safe and sound.