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Monday, 10 October 2011

Ten day party. DAY 10

Well it's countdown time, all together now, 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 we have lift off. I've been a bit busy this morning so this is a bit late. I collected another cat who needs a new home. He's a gorgeous boy called Elmo and he is nearly three years old. He will stay in my room untill a place comes up for him in Sue's pens. He's a bit shy at the moment so I haven't been able to get a photo, but he's black and white, a lovely big softie boy.

To account for the time differences around the world the deadline for names going into the hat for the daily raffle ticket will be 12noon BST the following day. I am aiming to publish posts before midday, so that gives 24 hours for comments to be counted. Multi comments does not mean multi chances to win a ticket, that's me being mean, ooops, no fair, ha ha.

I seem to have upset one of my readers, Kath wonders where my pants have gone. I felt it was time to change the header again, I get a bit bored seeing the same one, so just for Kath, here is one last look at my pants :o))

I've had a look through my wardrobe, I am not one of the worlds best dressed, probably one of the worlds worst where fashions are concerned. Here I am modelling a multicoloured silk blouse, vintage 1996 charity shop find. Black leggins which have seen their best, the knees are baggy so I have put them on back to front. Pearls, and I use that term loosely, definately haven't come from oysters. It's very sunny in my bedroom, hence the shades. More summer fashions on a shoestring tomorrow.

Right, next. Commandment number 1 for a full and happy lifestyle. (With a short explanation)

Thou shalt get off thy backside and do something. I want you to jump out of bed in the morning, full of the joys of spring. I know it's Autumn, but use your imagination. Up with the lark, jogging shoes on, and a quick sprint round the block. You will feel a whole lot better, either that or it will knacker you up for the rest of the day, ha ha. No, seriously, busying yourself will keep your mind active and your body fit. Get rid of the tele, instead make a list of jobs to do, and work your way through them. You will feel a great deal of satisfaction when out of chaos emerges a neat and tidy house. If you don't like housework, like me, just say stuff it, and go out, ha ha.

And now we come to the LARF OF THE DAY. See you tomorrow. More fashions, more larfs.


  1. We can comment once a day for the next ten days? Okay, here's Are all those colorful panties boy pants? I've never seen those colors for guys. I bought my ex some silk briefs, but they were black. Another question: In the US men's briefs have a fly in the front.Do yours have a fly or are they plain fronts?

    Fly is where men supposedly pull their penis through to pee. Not sure what it is called in UK, fly not penis.

  2. Love that little laugh, it's amazing what tickles a baby's fancy! Regarding clothes, I think I'm on a par with you, fashion-wise and clothes buying-wise.

    ps, wearing the pink pants that day were you?

  3. I really like your blouse!I've definitely got off my bum today - cleaning first, then shopping for essentials like bread flour, yeast, eggs and some veg, then giving the bedroom walls another coat of paint. Now I'm off to make leek and potato soup and homemade rolls ready for tea.I think I might have earned my keep today!

  4. PP made me laugh!! Thanks!
    Gorgeous day today..sun is shining, leaves are falling and it will be 24C!! We'll be outside stacking logs, tilling the veggy patch, spreading moo poo on it. It's also Thanksgiving here in Canada. so, Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for my bloggy friends.
    Jane x

  5. I couldnt make the comment on yesterdays blog publish for some reason so heres hoping.
    I dont think anyone could watch that baby without laughing. I cant go out and jog I am sorry, I will however do something different everyday or do something I have been putting off.
    Today I will make a start on some clothes alterations which a friend asked me to do. I hate alterations and wish I had said no but I have real difficulty with this. I used to run assertivness courses but now I have difficulty asserting myself. LOL. I think I need to re-train myself !

  6. I missed the rainbow pants too!! Bring back the pants!! x

  7. That baby laughing was so funny:-) Shame we lose our inhibitions a bit as we get older. We really should laugh more you know, seriously it's good for us to laugh, like medicine!

  8. While I liked your pants, you should put up pictures of your current kitties.


  9. Well, the baby had us laughing, too. What a darling. Also got off my backside and took the dog for a longish walk on the beach. She ran, I didn't.

  10. That is what Kath meant about the pants! Love the shirt, I thought you were meditating sitting there on the bed!

    Sorry I can't job, will knacker up the knees more than they are already. Cycling doesn't do them in.

    Now what is that on the wall? Is it an old map?

  11. Was that a gas, Council Tax or electricity bill the man was ripping up?

    Love the outfit. I think you've been subconsciously drawn to that blouse because it contains all the colours of your old boy pants (that's old boy-pants, not old-boy pants!).

    Already follow your first commandment, and can heartily recommend it. Look forward to seeing the second one tomorrow.

  12. Phew, I'm glad the pants are still alive and well!
    I like the flowery, beaded look, you must wear that when you come to Glastonbury :-D

  13. I must get up and at it tomorrow morning! It will be easier as I've packed the kiln today and tomorrow is a day off and no worries!!

  14. I love your first commandment.

    I'm going to write them down. You're right, we all feel better when we get up and go!

    Sft x

  15. You've got a lot of colourful "pants". I like them..easier to wash. I like the outfit too! Hope you have an easy time of finding your new cat a home.

  16. Loving the fashion thread Ilona, what an inspiration you are, just shows that we shouldn`t take ourselves so seriously god knows the ridiculous amount of hours I have spent on debating what to wear. Love the countdown, looking forward to many more posts from you! You do realise Ilona we now rely on these posts if you don`t post for a few days I end up with withdrawal symptoms! x

  17. Love the snazzy outfit Ilona, a real hip chick. Sally

  18. OMG the responsibility I have, andrea. 1000 and not out, I will soldier on :o)

    PP, you can comment however many times you like, but I will only count you in once for the raffle ticket draw.

    Glad to see everyone is so busy today.

  19. Cracking clip. Best way to start the morning having a good laugh and who couldn't help but laugh hearing that gorgeous little one♥♥ You are very eclectic Ilona, love the look:) Plenty of jobs on the cards for me today:) xx

  20. That baby's laugh is so infectious!

  21. Oops where did my post go?
    I have just discovered your blog and can't get emough! Adore your positive attitude, as I too know that there is life after money.
    However the mens pants leave me cold. :(

  22. Brilliant blog. Great clips. Thanks for sharing and being you.


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