Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Putting the boot in

I have a confession to make, I have a boot fetish. I simply drool when I see a chunky, rugged, macho, tough looking pair of boots. If the wearer is also tough and rugged, all the better. And wow, rigger boots are the bees knees, a guy with his jeans tucked in the top, well what can you say, pure hunk. Providing his beer belly doesn't get in the way of him being able to see his own feet, ha ha.

I have a good collection of boots myself, can't resist taking a look in the charity shops or car boot sales for the next pair. While most women would kill for a pair of Jimmy Choo's, I am quite content to pick up a second hand pair of bovver boots for a couple of quid.

These are my bestest walking boots, and the most expensive. Bought them in a sale, £55 instead of £110. They have to be good, and comfortable, because you know how many miles I walk in them.

Next we have a pair of very heavy CAT boots. The soles are several inches thick, they are waterproof and will never wear out. Great for sloshing about in the mud and puddles, but I couldn't walk more than about five miles in them. Cost £4.00 from a car boot sale.

These were also from a car boot sale, cost £3.00. They are waterproof up to a point as long as I don't wade through a stream in them. I need to wear two pairs of thick socks with them and can walk up to about seven miles in them.

My cheapest boots yet at £2 from a charity shop. The left one leaks so I can only wear them when it's dry, but they are comfortable with thick socks. I often go to town in these.

These are very soft bootees, they feel like slippers they are so comfortable. Waterproof with a thin pair of socks. Not for rugged walking, best on tarmac. I did a sponsored walk of 13 miles wearing these, they were only £3 from a charity shop. Fantastic boots.

My sister gave me these boots, they were too tight for her, but they accommodate my bunions quite nicely. They have a small wedge heel so they are a little bit fashionable. Good for wearing with a smart pair of trousers when I need to look respectable. Thanks sis.

I must have had these boots at least 25 years, some cheapo ones I seem to remember. They are not suitable for walking a long way, or on rough ground, more like a town boot.

These were all the fashion many years ago, again about 25 years ago. Loose round the ankles with a small heel. I wore them with a skirt or trousers. Yery comfortable.

More charity shop footwear, shoes this time. Cost £2.50. The good thing about second hand boots and shoes is that someone else has already worn them in. I have been to town in these this afternoon.

Charity shop shoes again. Dead comfortable but the sole is starting to come away from the upper. I have tried sticking them together with hot glue but they have come apart again. They were only £2, so when they completely disintegrate I will chuck them and get another pair. I should get a few more years out of them if I only wear them when it's dry.

I will finish off the collection with my current pair of slippers. As you can see they look like they have been into the casualty department for some treatment. I have made some repairs with gaffa tape. In the past I have had to rescue them from the jaws of Henry choc lab, he is rather partial to ripping out the insides. However, I am determined to get my moneys worth out of them and I can see them lasting a few more years yet, just need to wrap some more tape round them.

I haven't been in a shoe shop for years, lots and lots of years. There's nothing worse than buying a new pair of shoes to find they hurt after only wearing them a few times. You may have guessed I don't go for fashion, I go for comfort. You wont catch me tottering about on foot crippling high heels, I now wear sensible footwear.


  1. Some of your boots look super comfortable. I too go for comfort, a recurring foot problem has had me hobbling about for over two years.
    When I do find comfy shoes I wear them to death. I draw the line at gaffa tape though!! Sally

  2. Oh Ilona! someone else can keep the Jimmy Choos - I love comfortable shoes!! Given the choice I would live in trainers and walking boots. Unfortunately that would not meet the required office dress code. So for the past few months (since getting new job) I have struggled to find comfortable yet smart shoes - this appears to be something easier said than done! I have to say I do begrudge the time and effort spent looking for suitable & comfortable shoes.

    I wonder what Ilona would say - I can hear some people saying 'wear what you want, be independent'. But I like my job, and I want to keep it - so I'll keep the trainers & walking boots for the weekends for now.

  3. PS your £3 soft bootees look VERY comfortable :)

  4. You really know your boots well. I wish I had a pair that would take me a mile let alone 7!

  5. Bl**dy he** Ilona, I thought my slippers had seen their best days!
    I've been known to forget I've got them on and turn up to work for a 13hr shift, dug up potatoes, walked the late Bobby dog in them and now they are so sloppy, I have to wear socks to keep them on! I do have an elastoplast over one heel as, the rim was rough after I'd machine washed them for about the 5th time. I draw the line at gaffa tape though!

    I hat buying new shoes, can't afford to now anyway.
    All this talk of shoes and mending them, reminds me of my Mum, she spent many an hour 'Cobbling' our shoes back together and love it when she discovered permanent marker pens to cover up scuffs before polishing them!
    Those where the days!

    Sandie xx

  6. I have a boot and total shoe fetish too. I do have 2 pair of heels but don't think I've worn them. Mostly they are boots, trainers and practical sandals.

    I bought a beautiful pair of Meindl boots for £4 from charity shop, totally leather lined and maroon & grey. Wore them a bit then one day looked down and the total heel inside sole was disintegrating! I know I could get it repaired but at a cost and am trying to decide whether it is worth it as I could get another pair of boots for that. I hate disposing of things though when they can be repaired.

  7. I've just been looking up boot repair again and it seems that other people have experienced this crumbling of heel although sole is OK. They said to "take it back to the shop" - haha, don't think the charity shop would like it if I did, hey?

    Think I've answered my own question.. better forget about it I think!

  8. Blimey! Do you know I have never thought about how many miles my boots will take me in a day. With these current ones it's not very far. I'm off to a 'boot' sale. See if I can get some high mileage ones.

  9. We had a lovely Polish man living next door for many years, sadly he has passed on now. He used to use gaffa tape on his slippers and so your post revived memories of him for me.

  10. I love shoes and boots too, and whilst I have given away most of my shoes, I have about half a dozen pairs of boots, most of them for comfort. I have wide feet, so when I able to find footwear that is comfortable it usually costs at least double the price of high street equivalents. I have one pair of very comfortable shoes which I wear most days, but have noticed that the soles are starting to come away from the uppers, I will have to look hard to replace them. BTW my slippers are 'held' onto my feet by elastic bands as they are too wide (unbelievably!)

  11. That made me laugh, Don't unplug, never thought of them as high mileage boots before, but I suppose you're right. Bit like buying a new car, I wouldn't do it, let some other bod find all the niggling problems first and put them right.

    Campfire, I've had the crumbling heel syndrome with a pair of work boots I bought from the market. They look great when they are new, but you go pounding the tarmac with them for a few months. When the heel starts giving way and reaveals a great big cavity, there's not a lot you can do with them. I literally wore mine to the ground, the only bit left worth salvaging was the steel toecap. Cheap imported crap.

    Years ago I bought a pair of British walking boots, made in Northampton, called Hawkins. They were happy to take them back for repair so I dropped them in while passing in my lorry. They came back like new, they don't make em like that any more.

  12. oooops Alison has just commented, Hi Alison. Elastic to hold them on, that's a good idea, must try that. You've made me think now, I could sew some ribbon on each side and tie it across my feet. I have nearly come a cropper a few times and gone arse over tit down the stairs, ha ha.

  13. There is a glue just for shoes, Shoe Glue, I think. I have it but have not tried it.

  14. What a collection you have here! I love boots too. All of yours are so interesting and they all have a story to them. i enjoyed that. The last one is crying for mercy though, lol, poor thing.

  15. you did buy some new boots recently ...

    Thursday, 22 October 2009 ... Splashing out a bit today

    they were at a reduced price but new!


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