Friday, 25 November 2011

Tonight I have added.......pasta

Here are a few daily pics. This one was taken last night, from the same position as the previous night, only this time the sun is a big red ball.

Here is big boy Bobo, awaiting a kind person to take him home. He is so handsome, I hope he doesn't have to wait for too long.

And my everlasting veggie stew. Tonight I have added wholewheat pasta, a stock cube, and half a cup of Blueberry Juice.

It was delicious. I did extra pasta so I can have it for lunch tomorrow with sweetcorn and mayo. Toodle pip


  1. I would never have attempted to eat a soup with fruit juice in it! Good luck to Bobo.

  2. This habhazzard mish mash actually looks good as well. Amazing what you can do with food if you`re not afraid to experiment, lol.

  3. Bobo looks a lot like a cat I had long ago. We had a scare when he went awol for 5 weeks but got him back when someone saw our notice in the local newsagent's. He always had a wanderlust and eventually moved next door!

    And I'm up to date now Ilona :)

  4. Pleased to hear it lizp, ha ha, that made me laugh. Bet you have square eyes now. Cats do have a habit of moving house if they like it better somewhere else. My Lily used to live round the corner up untill about four years ago.

  5. Oh Ilona - I'm glad it TASTED nice lol :0)
    Hope this puss finds a new home quick, he reminds me of our Boodle-puss but longer haired

  6. I like the look of Bobo. He looks like he would stand no nonsense. I would take him, but fear he would chase Sadie the German Shepherd away.

  7. I know in the olden days, things were recooked and added to for days and people were lucky to have food. But, reheating removes nutrition little by little. Are you not worried about this? I will eat a pot of beans for a week, but I take out just what I want to eat and heat just that bit. This is not just my opinion. Plus, if I liked it the first time, it is good to me to eat just like it is everyday. I don't have a great need for variety. This works since I cook lots and just for me, just like you do.

  8. Hi unplug. Although Bobo is a big boy he is a softie for cuddles, on the other hand I don't think he would stand any nonsense from a dog. Whoever takes him will need to have a bit of brass, he eats loads, ha ha.

    Hi PP. If I am not adding anything to the stew I will take out a portion and microwave it. I store the rest in the fridge. Last night I cooked the pasta seperately and added it to the warmed the stew. I take your point about losing nutritional value each time you heat it. I don't think there is much left of the original.

  9. I always thought you should only reheat a meal once however, I can still see your alive and it hasn't done you any harm


  10. I am eager to see how long this stew lasts, or maybe it will be like Trigger's broomm, which had 4 new handles and 7 new heads LOL

  11. Blueberry juice? sounds a very different additive for veg stew!
    Bobo, come and live with me...I'll give you lots of cuddles!

    Sandie xx

  12. Bobo looks a gorgeous cat, I'd take him, if it weren't for the boys' allergies. Hope he finds a loving home soon, he looks like he'd make a lovely lapwarmer for someone. ;-) Red sky at night, shepherds delight. Here's hoping you keep getting them as you usually get a good day following. All these photos of food are making me hungry, your pasta looked tasty. Cheers Christy x

  13. Oh, you don't take out the whole pot and reheat? Good! I was getting worried.

    Anonymous, sometimes we see no apparent harm until it is too late.

    The small portions treated separately each day was not apparent in your writing each day.

  14. Bobo is so lovely. Hope he finds a good home soon. The story about Smokey is amazing, but there was an even more amazing story on the news here about a cat that was missing for a year and in that time made it from Darwin to his old home 3000kms away in South Australia! Unbelievable!
    Been reading all your old posts Ilona. Loved reading about your cat family and seeing all your gorgeous photos. Love the bags you've made too. Any chance of you doing a tutorial one day?



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