Monday, 12 December 2011

Rip off ready meal

Oh dear, had a bit of a blip this morning, Lily cat hasn't been too well for a couple of days, rather erm.....loose, apologies if you are eating. So a trip to the vet was needed. Poor little thing hasn't been in a cat basket before, not since he has been here anyway, he didn't enjoy his car ride one bit.

Thorough check over by the nice young man. Lily had a jab and a tablet, to treat the symptoms, and mum has to watch him, with regular inspections of the litter tray. He was ravenous when he got back, and quickly demolished a whole pouch of Felix, now he is snoozing on a chair. What a worry, I am a bit behind now with the sewing.

Carrying on from the shopping and food chat yesterday, I thought I would post a picture of my lunch today. As you can see, shock horror, it is a ready meal. Don't think I make a habit of wasting my money on this type of food, I don't mind the odd one if it has been drastically reduced in price. There is no way I would pay the original rip off price of £2.30 for this, neither would I pay £1.61 at the first reduction. But at 57p I feel that is just about acceptable.

The food didn't taste too bad, the potato actually tasted like potato, which made up the bulk of the meal. I had to dig down to find the tiny bit of brocolli, and I needed a magnifying glass to find the leek. It was a bit cheesey but they probably use the cheapest and mildest they can find.

At full price this is a rip off, anyone who buys this or any other ready meal at ridiculously high prices must have money to burn. It is absolutely crazy to throw money away on rubbish food like this. For me at 57p it served a purpose. I bought it as a standby, a freezer filler, to eat when I didn't have the time or inclination to cook.

My food stocks are getting really low now, but I will hold out on the shopping till tomorrow. I will make something with rice, onions and chick peas for dinner. I have porridge and stewed apples for breakfast, and I have a quorn fillet and pasta for lunch tomorrow, then I need to go shopping. Toodle pip


  1. I do hope Lily Cat hasn't been eating too many ready meals!

  2. Aww, poor Lily! Hope he's feeling better soon. I've just been telling my cat off. He's sitting on my lap to keep me warm but he's not doing as good a job of it as I'd like! No heating on here as yet, but brrrr!

    Yup, can't see any leeks in there! Maybe you need a zoom lens!!

  3. In Tesco the other night they had some small puddings reduced from £3.29 for a pack of two (which is a ridiculous price) down to 99p. I put a pack in my trolley, but then thought at 99p if we didn't like them they were still expensive, so I took them back. An assistant was just reducing some other things and she told me that these puddings (I think the make was Gu) were BOGOF at the moment and you still get that discount when they're reduced, so I got two packets for 99p which was much more like it!

    I didn't know before she said it that BOGOFs still counted on reduced items.

  4. Goodness me, it makes you wonder what the cost of the raw ingredients were.

    I hope Lily is lots better.

  5. Oh dear....reminds me of airline food!
    Jane x

  6. I always work out what I could get with the full price of a ready meal.

    In this case for the original cost of £2.30, you would most likely be able to get at least a bag of potatoes, a head of brocolli and a couple of leeks. Which would make many more meals than just this little portion.

    As you say sometimes they are worth buying when greatly reduced like this just to sample, and it would no doubt put you off craving instant ready meals again, so it reinforces that we are all on the right track avoiding these like the plague!!

    Sue xx

  7. It's amazing that they ever sell any at the full price of £2.30 when you think of how much 'real'food you could get for that...

  8. Isn`t it amazing, to think that there actually are some people out there that will feed themselves on these ready crap meals most of the week. I`ve seen mothers fill their trollies with them while talking to their kids about which one they might get for their tea that night. I would never feed kids with this shit. No nutricious value in any of that crap. I have never cooked one of those meals, and unless I shall be dreadfully desperate I will not go near them at all. I`d rather would have spent the £2.30 on a large broccoli head, some leek and a lump of cheese to produce a far healthier version.

  9. I agree with Sarina. I have seen people with such junk in their carts. I am so glad that we get to eat "real" food.

  10. Once in awhile, I try something pre-cooked, Usually, I am glad I did not pay full price.

  11. And even at 57p it was probably much more than the value of the ingredients, say 150gr potato, a knob of butter and an eggcup full of broccoli with slice of leek thrown in?

    As Charlie commented, who pays full price for this stuff? Have people lost the ability to boil a few potatoes and bash them? Or have they just got too much money?


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