Saturday, 10 December 2011

Will you walk a little faster said the whiting to the snail

I did something a bit different today, I went on a Ranger led ramble with a group of people. I have done these ocassionally in the past, they are organised by the local council, usually two a month. Sarah is the Ranger, she works at the Waters Edge Visitor Centre at Barton upon Humber, when she isn't rangering she does conservation work around the centre.

We met at Alkborough, about three miles from where I live. I thought it was daft to drive there so I walked to the start. It was quite frosty but once I got into a fast pace I soon warmed up. It is quite high up along the banks of the Humber and the wind whips across the fields. We met at 10.30am.

When I walk on my own I like to make good progress, stride out and keep moving. It's a different matter with a group, you can only go as fast as the slowest, so not long after we set off I started getting cold and had to put my jacket on. There was a scheduled pub stop for lunch at Winteringham. I took a packed lunch because (a) I didn't want to spend any money, and (b) I don't like to stop for more than 20 minutes, and from past experience I know they take over an hour to eat their meal. I said cheerio to the gang at the pub and walked a few hundred yards further up the street and called in to see my friend Helen. I enjoyed my frugal lunch in a box, wholemeal pasta, lettuce, potato salad, two boiled eggs, and mayo, with a couple of slices of wholegrain bread. I could have stayed there all day in front of her roaring real fire in her cosy living room. I left at 2pm giving me a couple of hours of daylight to get back.

The sun was going down and it was getting quite cold, I quickened my pace, and arrived home just before 4pm. Checking the distance I had walked 14 miles, I think I will sleep well tonight.

I had a phone call tonight from Janet, with the good news that the two kittens have gone to a new home today. The couple in their early forties, originally only wanted one, but once they saw the two sisters together they agreed to take both. Then afterwards we had more phone calls asking about the same kittens. We either get no enquiries at all for a few weeks, then get several all together. By the way, we had a much better day yesterday on the stall, sold quite a lot of stuff, so it was worth going. It will keep them in food for a while.

Thank you Sally and Little Blue Mouse who reminded me of the Steptoe and Son episode where the old man has a bath in a tin bath in the living room. I have found this on Youtube. Albert is eating pickled onions in the bath, but I can't find the one about when he washes his dishes in the bath water. It's a 30 minute programme so you might like to watch the first half of it, the second half is about Harold building a new bathroom. Toodle pip.


  1. My favourite Steptoe and Son is where they divide the home in two by building a wall that divides the cooker! X

  2. Is there a website for the cat rescue you help with?

  3. My sister and I had to bath in a tin bath. One side of the bath was freezing and the other red hot, where mam used to put it near the fire. When we had finished, next mam then dad, all in the same water. That was frugal living, as we know it's nothing new!

  4. I've never heard of this show. I watched the first half of the episode. It was hilarious!

  5. That sounds a good day out in the fresh air. I know what you mean about wanting to walk on briskly. My dear old dog is so slow now that I sometimes go for a separate walk without him so that I can get moving, keep warm and cover some ground!

  6. Hi ladyhawthorne. We have a page on a web site, not our own site, but this is probably better because all the rescues are together in one place, and people are finding us from it.
    On the homepage click on Find a Rescue, then click on Lincolnshire on the map, then go to Burton upon Stather.

    Sally I also remember we had a tin bath in front of the fire, because the house didn't have a bathroom. In the house before that we did have a bathroom but it was far too cold to get stripped off in there, and we couldn't afford to heat the water in the tank. Mum washed us down stood in the sink, with water heated on the gas stove. Every Sunday night, three of us, me last as I was the eldest, my little sister first as she went to bed first.

  7. Well, no one could accuse you of rambling Ilona ! I think I walk fast but when I see the ground you cover I would have to break into a trot. I do like walking with others though. 14 miles, blimey, the most I have ever walked is 8 a one go. Do you have a pedometer ?

  8. You must walk some miles in a year, Ilona, and the majority of it in lovely countryside. I walk quite fast myself too, I find it difficult to walk slowly anywhere. Your description of bathing in the sink reminded me of when we had powercuts, in the Winter, when I was little and we got bathed in the kitchen sink, by candlelight. Pleased to hear your stall for the cat rescue charity is going well, and that new homes have been found for some of your rescued kittens also. :D One of the local Spar shops here donated money to a local animal rescue centre, when it charged 2p per carrier bag. Do you have a local store that might do that for your charity? If you go to the local butcher here, and want a bone for soup, they don't charge but request a donation which goes to the local animal rescue centre also.

    All the best, Christy x

  9. Hi lizzie, no I don't have a pedometer. I check my mileage on a web site, tracing the route out on the map with the mouse.

    Some people prefer to walk in a group because it's an opportunity to socialise. I find that if you get involved in conversations as you are walking you miss seeing the beautiful countryside. I can chat to people in other places if I want to. Like hostels after the days walk.

  10. I wonder if you are shrinking. After all that walking you`ve done this year your little legs will surely be worn down, lol.
    I`m glad to hear there`s been another succesful cat rehoming.
    I also remember tin baths infront of a fire, whenever I stayed at my granma`s place.
    Fond memories indeed!

  11. Oh yes, I recall that tin bath, once a week whether I needed it or not and every night, standing in an enamel bowl on the floor.

    I do wish I could still walk.


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