Monday, 2 January 2012

Eating other people's left overs

Good afternoon. I've got blog posts coming out of my ear holes now. More pics of Oxford to come, and some for the Kath Kidston fans amongst you. Book reviews are in the pipeline, because Jane asked me. Finances need another post in light of all the bills I have coming in at this time of year, grrrr. But all that is on hold because I keep changing my mind by the minute. You know me, a bit of allsorts. I don't like you to become too comfortable here, this is not a place to lounge around in a comfy chair. This is where you come to get ideas, to look at life from a different angle, to expect the unexpected. I don't want you falling asleep on me.

Yes I know I have stated in the past that this blog is for me, I don't write for you I write for me, it is my record of my life. I am happy to share it with you. The way I dart about through different subjects is how I am in real life. I don't like things on an even keel, plodding along, it's boring. I like to dash off in different directions, explore and learn. Dont come on here and expect the same old same old. Right, what's the subject for today then?

I just want to quickly mention here that I love powerful women, they inspire me. Last night I watched a programme about Hilary Devey, the newest dragon on Dragons Den. Boy has that woman got balls, I love her. You can see it on BBC iplayer, but sadly I don't think the rest of the world can get that. Try youtube or googling her name for clips. Her web site is She started from humble beginnings and has built an empire in logistics which boasts a multi million pound turnover. Check her out.

Right, my lodger has now gone home. The gorgeous Henry choc lab, see pic below, was collected this morning by my friend Helen. Look at that face, I am sure he understands every word I say to him. We have done loads of walks, he has met all his doggy pals, and now Mayze cat can breath a sigh of relief because she doesn't like him very much :o(

You know how I like freebies, stuff I find and stuff which is given to me, here is the latest haul. Helen had food and drink left over so she brought them round. She doesn't need to ask if I want them, I am gratefull for anything that people give me. I know my friends don't view me as a charity case, but someone who hates waste and will use up everything. If I can't personally use it I will make sure it goes to someone else who can.

When I was at the hostel in Oxford I noticed there was a young Italian student who didn't have much food. He was very well spoken and was studying English for an exam. Before I left I had a rummage through my cool box, and a bag of food that Carol had given me, and put together a few items to give him. He was over the moon. I may not have very much but I am willing to share my excess. If people are kind to me I want to repay that kindness. Toodle pip.


  1. What's more boring that sticking to routines.
    I hate them in every sense, ask my husband, he doesn't know what I am talking about half of the time as my mind is constantly thinking different things.
    Henry is gorgeous, that picture makes me melt. lovely.
    Where to next Ilona, what takes your fancy/

  2. Yeah, write what you want to write! It's still interesting to hear what you have to say! :)

    Henry is beautiful!

    Mmmm, free mince piiiies! Everything tastes better when it's free!

  3. That's why I like reading what you write, because it's different, because it matters, because you have something interesting to say that needs saying, because you have opened my eyes to the possibilities of getting out and walking and maybe one day becoming as fit as you are.

  4. If you wrote about paint drying I'd still be here!! "Passing it forward" is fabulous, it seems to give both parties as much pleasure. That guy will remember you for a long time.
    Jane x

  5. If you have some leftovers make a dip to go with those breadsticks maybe.
    I do like your blog because you write interesting off-beat stuff like when you gleaned some peas after the farmer has havested his crop and the beer you found in the cemetery. Henry is quite handsome and has an intelligent face which is always a good thing in the Lab - some of them are so dopey looking.
    I love free food too.

  6. Excellent post, Henry looks like a darling boy. Like your ethic of sharing what you have as others have shared with you - this is what makes the world go around. Keep on blogging!

  7. Those slippers look lovely and cosy!!!!

  8. I have been browsing your blog for a while, loving it and very inspired by you and your approach to life!
    I look forward to reading more,

  9. Happy new Year Ilona, can't wait to see what you get up to this year!

  10. I really love your spirit and I really wish there were more people like you in the world. You continue to inspire me every time I visit your blog. Another excellent post!

  11. Where did you get the houseshoes? There is not another blog like yours that I have found. Your spirit of adventure and bravery without much money is endearing. I walk vicariously through you and dream of getting weight off. Right now, I cannot walk very far at all, like to the car or to a store from the car, so I am looking forward to the day....

    Hey, I write what I want to write, so should you!

  12. Hi PP. Helen gave me the snuggly fleece bootee slippers as well. Someone gave them to her as a present and she didn't want them. They are lovely and warm.

    Hello Barbara, glad you have dropped by, nice to meet you.


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