Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Food and other stuff

I was going to get this post written really early this morning, but then Henry choc lab turned up, so it was walkies with him. After lunch we picked Rocky dog up and we all went a walk together round the fishing pond. Here is a picture of lunch. From the bottom up, spinach, half a red pepper, carrot, white cabbage, grapes, brocolli, pumpkin seeds, linseeds, and sesame seeds. Splash of water and apple juice. Luverly :o)

I must keep up with the walking to build myself up for the bigee. I've been thinking about the next long trek, studying maps, and checking distances. I fancy another coast to coast, but want to top the 137 miles of the previous one. I'm thinking of starting further north on the west coast, Morecambe or above, and going in a big curve through NorthYorkshire and down to Hull. I'm looking at the possibility of starting in the Lakes, but that might be a tad too far. I'll check the distance. I like the idea of walking towards home, because every step I take will get me closer to collapsing through my own front door, ha ha.

Well the frog spawn certainly got you talking about puddings. There was mixed feelings on whether you like it or hate it. I must say, I am not that keen, but I will persevere with it and the packet will get used. I think I might put some in my next stew, that would bulk it up nicely. Yes, tinned fruit with evaporated milk on a sunday was served up at our house as well. And why were we given bread and butter to eat with it, I dunno.

Also mentioned was Semolina, Creamola Rice, Cremora, Pink Custard, Prunes and Custard, Ginger Sponge, Cornflake Tart, Jelly with Evap milk, and all manner of puddings, brought back memories of school dinners. Thank you for your pudding suggestions.

I had my bran flakes with diluted 50/50 evap milk this morning, it was perfectly palatable. Only a slight difference between it and soya milk, I'm sure I could get used to it. I think it would work out cheaper to switch to this, I must check the maths. It was mentioned to mix up powdered milk and keep it in the fridge. I use Coffee Mate, it's not quite the same as Marvel so I'm not sure it would work. I sprinkle Coffee Mate in the water when I am making porridge just to give it a slightly milky taste. Another good idea someone mentioned, mix tinned fruit in with any milky pudding. Also jam, but I don't buy it, too much sugar for my liking.

I've been going through your comments and notice that there are a few new names, so welcome to the newbies. Sal's View, Gill that British Woman, lauradora, Pinecone, Mel, Morgan, quinn, wean of the woods, Laughter, Knitty Nora, AlisonB43, Debs, and anyone else I have missed. Phew, I can't keep up with you all.

Is anyone watching the latest series of 'An Island Parish'. It's all about the Scottish island off the west coast called Barra. I saw the first series and got hooked, just as I got hooked with the programmes on the Scilly Isles before this one. The scenery around Barra is beautiful, the people are lovely, and the stories interesting. It's a real soap, not a made up one. I shed a tear this week as Father Roddy had to leave the island and move on to another parish. He didn't want to go, but that's how the Catholic church works. Father John Paul the new young priest is struggling a bit with his housework, he needs a housekeeper. Scraggy Aggy thinks he should have a wife, but of course he is not allowed. If you want to follow the lives of the people on Barra you can get it on the iplayer.

That's all for now, catch you tomorrow.


  1. Never miss Island Parish, it is such a nice program. One of the girls on my knitting forum lives there and knows all the characters including Maggie (Scraggy Aggy in the program but apparently no one calls her that in real life!). I felt so sad for Fr Roddy and his parishioners too :(

    Your next walk sounds a little ambitious Ilona but I am sure you will do it once you have made your mind up :0)

  2. I've only started watching Island Parish recently, so only seen two episodes. I really love it as I'd love to be able to live in such an area. The people are really lovely, aren't they?

    Sometimes I make my porridge and add either sultanas, dried apricots, or a chopped apple, or a bit of all of that. It tastes very good.

    I remember having bread with fruit and evap milk.

    Look forward to following your next travels too.

  3. Sadly, only the BBC radio shows are available on iPlayer outside the UK. I'd be happy to pay for the iPlayer service for BBC television shows, but it's not available.

  4. I love the Isles of Scilly so much. I've been a few times since they're so close to me. The only problem is it is a VERY expensive place to stay. Food is expensive, trips are expensive (you get a boat to the off-islands), eating out is VERY expensive - if you visit take a picnic on your day trips!

    It's a lovely place to go for a walking holiday though.

    I plan on walking the coast of Cornwall when I'm debt free. I think it'll cost about £200 each for my mother and I, based on around 21 nights and not carrying too much food at any one time. That's my dream. :)

  5. Wean of the Woods18 January 2012 at 16:41

    Your smoothy ingredients look great, so healthy - do you find the seeds blend in OK?
    I tried it but found I had to put the seeds through a grinder first.
    re the old time puds - we were made to eat bread and butter with jelly ! talk about a spoiler !
    My favourite puds are fruit with creme fraich or just yohurt.
    I've recently started making Kefir and it's great stuff - makes delicous shakes and a sort of pouring cream.
    Wean of the Woods

  6. Nigel Farrell, who narrates the programme has died aged 58, so sad. He 'invented' the docu-soap as that type of programme is called.


  7. Hiya Wean, yes the seeds do smash up nicely. The blender has two speeds, start off slow, then give it a blast on fast whizzzzz.

  8. I've done a couple of hikes on Barra (and nearby Vatersay Island. It's stunning. While the ferry to get there is a bit on the pricey side, if you ever get the chance to go, definitely do!


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