Thursday, 12 January 2012

Half full of beans

It should have been a smoothie breakfast this morning, but I just couldn't face it, so I went for the comfort of a pan of porridge with sultanas, and a cup of coffee. However, by lunchtime I was in the mood for a refreshing jug of raw vegetables and fruit, smashed to smitherines in the blender. Cabbage, orange pepper, carrot, apple, grapes, nuts and seeds. Add a drop of water and there you go. Thick and mushy, full of goodness, it was very nice.

When I went shopping last week I picked up a tin of Oaktree beans from Tesco, because they were cheaper than their Value range. As soon as I tasted them I knew they had far too much sugar in them, yuk!

I usually have half a tin on toast, but when I came to use the second half I put them in a sieve and rinsed the sauce off them. In a half can serving there is 12.2 gr of sugar as opposed to 9.2 gr in the Value. In fact looking at the rest of the ingredients it seems the Value is slightly more healthy apart from the salt content, which is slightly more.

But then there is something else to consider, the Value has 44% beans, and the Oaktree has 49%. So which is it to be? Save 3p, get more beans and more sugar, more calories, more fat, but less salt. So confusing :o( Don't know which to buy for the best now.

Twas a beautiful sunset tonight, did you see it? I caught a glimps of it over the rooftops so I legged it to the church to get a few snaps. It was breathtaking. How lucky that we are high up here and have such good views.

You can see the reflection in the river.

These photo's are undoctored, just as it was to the naked eye.

I get quite emotional when I see the sky like this. I stood for a while leaning against a tombstone, just to take in this breathtaking sight.

Ten minutes later it was gone.


  1. We had a great sunset in the Midlands tonight too, wonderful while it lasted. You have a very healthy diet, I like to copy your ideas, as I have some weight to lose this year.

  2. Those shots look like there's a fire somewhere!

    I always buy Aldi's baked beans, my husband actually prefers them. I must say, your plate of vegetables and fruit looked delicious but I would have eaten them like that, far too nice looking to chuck 'em in a blender! You have reminded me I must make a smoothie breakfast tomorrow.

  3. Beautiful sunset. Can't wait for the evenings to get lighter.

    Sft x

  4. Beautiful sunset here too. The beans ummm I know dont decide which just buy one of each!
    I must try that smoothie it sounds delicious. I am a convert. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Wonderful sunset and terrific photos. We used to see sunsets like that when we lived in Leeds and it always made me think that some people go to Africa for sights like that. No need - just go to Yorkshire!

  6. Lovely sunset photos.

    As for the bean decision - which tastes the best?

  7. Might be a silly thought, but don't you destroy the beneficial roughage in food by reducing it to mush?

    Beans problem - open 1 tin of each and mix them, 4 beans on toasts (Don't liquidise)

  8. Wow what amazing pictures. Beautiful! However, I still remember 1p Baked beans from Quicksave (happy days) - they helped me raise a deposit for my first home. Keep up the good work. Debs x

  9. The sunset photos are beautiful!

  10. Our lot will only eat Branstons beans but I never pay full price (68p!!!) the latest batch were in a pack of 4 tins from Morrison's at £1.23 which is just over 30p a tin. B&M nearly always have a similar offer on them. They have 98 cals and 5.9g sugar per 100g, and 53% beans, 37% tomatoes so I think are a good choice.

    Our sunset was fab too - an almost 'other-worldy' light :0)

  11. When we had some too sweet beans, I put a little pinch of chili powder in just to take the edge off.

  12. Cracking sunset, Ilona. They sky looks like it's on fire in the final one. Re your beans, go for the higher beans quantity, and just drain of all the sauce. I do it for my boys, as they can't cope with a lot of sugar. Hope you're feeling the benefits of your smoothies in the morning. Having a few problems posting through Google so posting Anon for now. Cheers for now, Christy.

  13. I second what "campfire" says Ilona. Not sure if you have an Aldi near you but their Premium Beans are worth going in there for alone. The price is always under 29p (last week they went down to 27p) and in my opinion they are the closest thing to Heinz that I've ever tasted (even nicer). They often have there own stand with a "as soon on tv" logo above them. Can't recommend them enough yum haha

    PS nice sunset :-)

  14. Beautiful sunset - magical moment.
    Love from Mum

  15. Your photos are stunning Ilona, I can quite understand you becoming emotional when contemplating such beauty.

    As for beans, I like the Branston ones best.

  16. Put "Kyaraben" into Google images Ilona and you might get some more ideas for your meals, hope it makes you laugh!

  17. Hello I got nominated for a liebster award and as part of the rules I need to pass it on to 5 other blogs so I decided to choose yours as one of the 5.
    I really love this blog my mum and dad are on a pension now and my husband and I are a one income household so you've defiantly been an inspiration to us.
    I'll post a link to the rules below

  18. Wean of the Woods14 January 2012 at 19:21

    I read recently of someone who made her own baked beans at a fraction of the cost of shop bought tins, but they had to be boiled for one and half hours first, then the sauce was cooked and the beans were cooked again in the sauce seems like false economy to me when you tot up the cost of the gas/electricity used.

  19. Another vote for Branston - they often go on offer to try and get one over on Heinz so can turn up at silly prices. Last year Morrisons had them at £2-00 for a 4- pack, buy one get two free, ie 17p per tin and with at least a year's shelf life.