Friday, 10 February 2012

Getting a bit techie

Just a quickie here to let you know what's going on. I have noticed that some blogs have threaded comments, that's when readers can comment on other peoples comments, a bit more conversational like.

One blog I have been following has it, and it seems a bit more interactive, people talking to each other. I did notice however that the blogger herself had replied to every comment on a particular post, thus doubling the number of comments. I do feel this gives a false impression. When you see a blog with massive amounts of comments you automatically draw the conclusion that it is well established and must have a huge following. To me this seems slightly misleading.

Ok it's polite to reply to people who have taken the time to comment, but I don't think it's necessary to reply to every single comment. If I posted once a week I might do, so I hope you dont think I'm being rude, if I just post every day and leave you to it.

I would however like to have threaded comments on here because it could be quite good fun. I have tried to install them but the facility isn't working, and it seems the reason is because I have a customised template. I choose to design my header and colours myself, so it doesn't fit in with the norm as far as coding goes. The coding for threaded comments is hidden behind the header. The only way I can try and sort the problem is to start another blog but not add any content, then to study the coding and compare it to this one, and somehow copy the missing coding into here. I've got things to do now, so I'll look at it later.


  1. It happened briefly a month or so back on your blog Ilona, the ability to respond to other follower's comments then it stopped.
    Also it has changed how I comment, instead of being a pop-out box it takes me to a new screen and to get back to your blog I have to go back to favourites again.
    Why do websites etc keep changing the way things work????

  2. Every blogger does things differently.

    Some of us, including me, think it is polite for bloggers to respond to the people who take the time to comment. The exception being when we participate in a meme (like Skywatch Friday or some other meme). In those instances a lot of people just have a word or two in their comment so no need to comment back. Lately though I have to say, I am replying less and less to comments, esp. if I spend a lot of time leaving comments myself on the commenter's blog/s.

    Glad to see you are getting techie and hope it works for you.

  3. I also have seen blogs where the owner replies to each post, and quite frankly - it's ***** annoying ! words like 'OK' - 'thanks' - Yes/no' etc., etc., it's just not necessary.
    I think you have it right MQ when you do a 'bulk' replying session !.

    Is it possible to have a forum on a blog ? I know it's done on websites but don't know about blogs.

  4. Crikey, it all sounds a bit complicated. I could probably reply more, but I don't think most people come back to check what else has been written anyway.

    I quite like the way that Saving For Travel does it; she replies to each comment on the previous post at the end of that day's blog. You can either read it or not as you choose.

  5. Hi Ilona. Did you watch 'Mothertruckers' last night . I think it was on channel 4 at 10pm last night. If so what did you think? Best wishes, Jules

  6. That's a tricky one, the subject of responding to comments. I don't like to respond to some and not others, in case anyone feels left out :-)

  7. I just had another thought, how many people pop back to see if there is a response to their comment? I know some of my visitors do, but would they stop bothering if they could not be sure of a response?

  8. I comment on quite a few blogs and each seems to have a different idea about responding to comments, quite a lot email a response. I usually go back to comments to see if the conversation has gone any further or, if I have asked a question I'll go back too.

  9. When I reply to comments I usually do it in one comment replying to each person who has taken the time to comment.I don't actually think that there's a direct correlation between the number of followers and the number of comments. I've seen blogs with hundreds of followers who get very few comments and others with less than 50 that get plenty. It doesn't matter to me whether or not a blog is 'popular' or how many followers it has.I just read, follow and comment on the ones that I want to.

  10. Interesting to see everyones take on this.
    Hi Jules, no I didn't see the trucking programme last night, dont have a tele. It should come on 4oD shortly, will watch it then.

  11. Numbers of comments or followers doesn't make we want to read any particular's the content/personality of the blog that counts. I try to reply to comments if I can....I dont get many so it is easier.
    Jane x

  12. Threads - by that, do you mean Forums Ilona?

    Here's something to get your head around!

    Note the statement in the second paragraph: "There is no option to install forum scripts like ..... etc. However, we can use Java Script to embed and call external forum services in ..."
    [Edit Layout/Design/Add a Gadget/HTMLJavaScript]

    If I was going to attempt this then I would create a separate, temporary, test blog and try to get it to work there first.

    All good stuff - keeps the brain exercised if nothing else.

    Good Luck!


  13. Hi Brian, I don't mean threads as in forum threads. Have you seen some blogs where people who comment can reply to another comment, rather than the blog post. That's called threading. I am in and out of blogger help all the time trying to sus things out, it's got a lively forum on there.

  14. Haven't taken notice of the type of blog that you describe Ilona, but I better understand what you are saying now. I should have pulled my thinking cap down more tightly in the first place.

    Sounds as if you are on the right track. Hopefully I didn't divert you.

  15. I do reply to almost each & every comment on my blog & I'm not trying to mislead everyone, nor make my blog seem any more "established" than what it is... I've found that most do like replies & I personally like when I'm replied to. To each their own I think... :)

  16. I've been reading up on this, and playing with my other blog. Don't worry you're not missing out on anything, it's only a 'playing around with it' blog, something to practice on.

    I've changed this blog back to embedded comments because it looks like they have solved the problem of the blank page, and as you can see there is the facility to reply to the individual comments, but it doesn't work.

    Anyone with a basic non mucked about template from blogger will have the threaded comment facility if they select embedded. If I want it to work here I have to search the coding of a basic template to find four bits of code which makes it work, and put it into my own html coding. It is a big job and takes a lot of concentration.

    If I move this blog into a blogger template the threaded comments would work, but it will probably screw everything up because it wont fit properly. I could export the whole blog into a new blog, clone it, so one stays where it is and I could play with the other. Then if I made a mistake in the coding I would not lose the original. Hmmmmm I will have to have a think about this.

    Hi Brian, you didn't divert me, well not really, I had a look at the link you sent and stored it for future reference. A forum added to a blog, now there's a thought.

    Hi Joyful, Yes I think it's polite to reply to comments. Bulk replies work for me, and a few thankyou's thrown in the mix for good measure. I've no idea what Skywatch Friday is, and what is a meme, I'm baffled.

    I'll wind down with Corronation Street before I go to bed, good night

    1. Well done!

      Now I know exactly what you mean, and it looks good too. I'll be interested to see the result when I publish this reply.

  17. Hi Ilona, each of us can decide how best to respond to blog comment. Do whatever works for you. When I respond, I sometimes respond to each person, sometimes in bulk, sometimes to no one. It all depends. I can't explain a meme in my own words and the explanation is quite long winded so I'm simply going to put a link here which you could check out if you or any of your readers are interested. If I participate, I tend to participate in photo memes where each blogger shares his/her photos on a particular theme. There are many different photo memes out there.