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Sunday, 5 February 2012

If I had a baby.......

I would feed it food like this :o) None of your mass produced processed gunge, in little glass jars. This is real food with no added crap, the stew from last night zapped with the blender.

And eee by gum, it's lip smackin lovely. They say you go back to being a child when you grow old, well this big baby loves her home made baby food, washed down with a can of cider of course, ha ha.


  1. That's the sort of thing I fed my girls when they were babies- the stew , not the cider!

  2. Looks yummy....please may I have wine not cider?
    Jane x

  3. That actually looks good! I have never seen cider in a can. Now, I wonder if we have that over here in the US.

  4. Ilona you will get locked up suggesting feeding cider to babies :0) :0)

  5. yes - I fed my kids the 'real deal' too, didn't have processor then, I used a mouli-mix, quite hard word actually, but my kids now eat anything - can't stand finicky eaters !
    stew was always popular with lots of veggies and greens.

  6. My granddaughter has only ever had 'real' food and also not even liquidised. She loves all food esp if well flavoured with spices or herbs. She is now just over a year old and eats everything the family eat. She loves fruit and veg and doesn't know what crisps etc are

  7. Hi Ilona, I have been playing catch-up as I have not been on for a few days. I quite fancy that baby food myself actually I'm sure I have a can somewhere. ha ha.

    I often pulse my veg soup to make it drinkable as some days I would find it hard to consume my 5 a day. A mug of soup is a great way of keeping warm and getting plenty of veg.

    The sleeping bag you showed the other day was a great buy. Good luck with the shopping bag camping. I have done it with my kit in a wheelie suitcase as I cant backpack now. I caused some hilarity on the camp site though as the ladies in the next tent thought I looked like the scene from Mary Poppins where she pulls loads of stuff from a Gladstone bag. They were waiting for me to pull out a hat stand.

    The great advantage to this is weight is not really an issue and I was able to take a small blow up mattrass and a pump so very comfy nights.

  8. yum!my sort of Food!and the Cider would be good as well!

  9. Yep, The home made baby food is the plan... Millie is due any day now. :) I'll take the cider!

  10. Was that the cider you found in the church yard :D
    I would breastfeed my babies for at least six months and then give her the stuff in the bowl.

  11. Thats how we fed ours too .
    My son could eat a whole baked potato quite happily when he was 6 months old.
    The jars of 'baby food' in shops taste of absolutely nothing.

  12. Yes lizzie, it is the cider I found in the church yard. In fact I found a fourth can a few days after I found the first three. Lucky me.

    I've seen the pics on your blog of your big tummy, Lafemmet. Not long now, I hope it all goes well for you and it's an easy birth.

    Your camping antics made me smile, Eileen. I chose a shopping trolley to carry my gear in because I thought I could get more in it, and I will look like a shopper on the bus.

  13. I stand corrected. The cider is not one of those I found in the churchyard, that was Blackthorn. They are mixed up in my cupboard. Don't think I've got a lot of booze in, on a rare occasion a few months ago I bought a box of Strongbow as it was cheap. It's taking me ages to drink it, still got a few cans left.

  14. confused eh MQ ? too much cider perhaps ??
    just a thought, if you know anyone who feeds their babies on commercial food in jars, why not beg some ? loads of uses eh ?
    I'm trying to think who I know who has a baby - can't think of anyone unfortunately !

  15. hi meanqueen, have to say, you blog is a joy to read!so many great ideas,really positive thinking and my spirits are lifted every time i log in to your blog. good sound practical advice, and a sense of humour!..can't be bad! i'm 63, retiring from 4 day week in october..i'm already working on it, but good ideas are always welcome. thankyou. ann.


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