Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Not much spag but loads of bol

So, 'What's the recipe today Jim', ha ha, remember that catch phrase? The Jimmy Young show on Radio 2. Every day he had a new recipe to share with the nation. Not that I am going to have one every day, I find recipes pretty boring to be honest, but as I am having to be a tad inventive with my dwindling food stocks, I thought I would carry on untill I had no food left.

Breakfast was beans on toast again, the second half of the tin from yesterday.
Lunch was the left over cous cous and peas, yes I did too much, with half a tin of chopped tomatoes added to it. Zapped in the microwave. Followed by a cuppa soup, horrible things but I don't want to throw them away.

By 4pm I was feeling a bit peckish so I had a couple of slices of toast spread with Value cream cheese.

Dinner tonight. I cooked some bulgar wheat in water in a pan for about 20 minutes till the water had been soaked up. Then I added the other half tin of tomatoes, splash of apple juice, a chopped up apple, splash of oil, a veg stock cube, a tablespoon of cheap curry sauce mix, some sultanas, and seeds crushed in the pestle and mortar.

I cooked it for a further ten minutes, some water was needed to stop it becoming too stodgy. Served on a very sparse bed of wholemeal spaghetti. My version of spagbol. The taste? I wouldn't say delicious, but it was perfectly acceptable, and I am full. There is some left for tomorrow.


  1. Your Spag Bol is very inventive!
    Looking forward to more of your Special Recipes until the cupboard is bare........

  2. me too - this is gonna be interestin' !!

  3. I still use that phrase today!
    Jane x
    We have pasta tonight too...yummy yummy yummy.

  4. that does look good I agree.

    Gill in Canada

  5. I had not heard of beans on toast until I was 60-yrs-old. It sounded disgusting, but I am told that it is delicious. It seems everyone I know eats it. It must be that I am the last person on earth to hear of it, and the only one who has not eaten it. Now, I do love beans, so that's not it. You surprised me. Beans on toast must be universal.