Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Caution.....explosion imminent!

I had every intention of concocting some delicious gastronomical delight for dinner tonight, but half way through the preparation I did an about turn and thought stuff it, I can't be bothered. This was supposed to be fishcakes. I steamed some potatoes, well one potato actually it was massive. Then I fried two chopped onions in a pan with a splash of oil, adding some sweetcorn, spices, and lemon juice. Transfer potatoes to a dish and mash. Then add the onions and sweetcorm, and a tin of tuna fish and mix it all together. When it came to sticking my hands in and rolling the mixture into balls to put under the grill, I thought blow that for a game of soldiers, I don't want to get my hands all sticky. So I just dolloped it on a plate and added a tin of mushy peas. It's all the same after it's gone down the hatch, why waste gas on grilling the balls. There's plenty left to warm up for lunch tomorrow, so double explosion, ha ha. 
I was going to go to Hull this morning on the bus, but it was raining so I didn't fancy that. Instead I pottered around the house. I thought about making a bag, I have plenty of fabric, but couldn't decide what to make the shoulder strap out of, so I gave up. Never mind I will go on the machine instead, while I listen to Burnsy on Radio Humberside. He was having a discussion about M & S who have applied to build a big superstore on the edge of town close to Tesco and B & Q. It went before the planning committe this afternoon. There has been a lot of opposition, people say it will kill the town centre. Anyway, the plans have been passed so it looks like it might go ahead, not that it will affect me, I can't afford to shop there.

My friend Julie called round with Jessie blind dog, we had a natter. She has to go to a funeral tomorrow so I will look after Jessie for her. When she had gone I went for Rocky, he only lives up the road. We had a nice long walk. Thank you all for your imput on the post yesterday, it made me feel a bit better. I will carry on taking him out, just to see his cute little face and his waggy tail is enough reward.

The pile of rubbish I collected is still there. I had an email from the clerk to the Parish Council, apparently I have put it in the wrong place. The land does not belong to the council, it is privately owned, and not their job to collect it. This time though they will collect it, but if I have any more I have to carry it down to the other end of the footpath to the picnic area, which is council owned. Trouble is the bags get quite heavy when they are full of glass bottles. Think I'll stick to doing the centre of the village in future, then I am not too far from a litter bin to empty my bags into.

I've just remembered, I've got a few snaps of the day out I had with family on Sunday, I'll get them posted tomorrow. Toodle pip. 


  1. Prefer the mauve background Ilona, wasn't too keen on the pale orange...
    Your dinner looked - erm, not terribly appetising (I am being polite!) I made tuna pasta bake for tea tonight, other than it being pasta and not spuds the ingredients were very similar but it looked very different :0)
    Looking forward to more piccies and glad you had a nice walk with Rocky. Is Jess the cocker spaniel? My son and his g/f's dog is also called Jess and she has only one eye! She manages perfectly most of the time.

  2. Yup, why bother grilling the balls hey! I did intend commenting on your post yesterday but forgot. That is a sweet little dog.

    Yes, I like the current background. We've had rain here tonight, got wet in Manchester running for a bus.

  3. I think you are a great friend to Rocky! If you ever want to dog sit /house sit for me in the US let me know; we would love to have you!!!

  4. Another thumbs up for the mauve.
    re your dinner, I do something similar, if you add a couple of beaten eggs, you could then put the mixture in a loaf tin and bake it, then just slice it as needed, a slice in a toasted sandwich with mayo and salad is nice too.

  5. I actually like the look of your supper. I must look in our grocery stores to see if we can get mushy peas.

    Gill in Canada

    1. Re-garding your food,you made me laugh!as long as it's edible,and you enjoyed it,who cares i say!

  6. My mashed up banana, peanut butter, and Miracle Whip really gross people out. I think your meal did that for me. But, we each get to eat our own, what we like!

  7. Firstly, I love mushy peas, secondly, a posh restaurant would call them 'deconstructed fish patties' and charge a fortune for them, thirdly, I really feel for Rocky...I have 4 dogs that sleep in the bed!! Poor mite.

  8. Charlie - I'm glad I'm not the only one - my 6 cats sleep on/in my bed !!
    Another beautiful stray boy cat has recently turned up (how do they know where to come ?) and he sleeps downstairs at the moment, but I guess it won't be long before he joins the other 6 !
    I think it would be easier if I slept on the sofa and left them the bed - perhaps not, they'd all follow me !! ha ha

  9. Bleurgh, I hate mushy peas! :D

    What about making a strap for the bag out of the same material as the bag?

    Silly council - if someone is doing their job for them and clearing up other people's mess, they should be happy to get some help! All they had to do was ring the owner of the land and ask if it was ok to move it!

  10. I think the folks on the bus to Hull had a lucky escape LOL

  11. Mushy peas is not a good looking dish but it is good for you so I try to eat it as often as I can. Lol, you're right about the explosion though. So funny.


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