Sunday, 11 March 2012

Get it down you, it'll do you good!

How cheap can you make a big pan of soup? My dinner tonight, and lunch tomorrow, and lunch the day after. Three portions of home made soup for 15p. Take one bag of Chinese Stir Fry reduced from £1.50 to 15p.
Boil up in a large pan for ten minutes. Chuck in a shake of garlic granules, some spicy sauce mix from a packet, a splodge of tomato puree, stock cube, and two spoons of yogurt. You can use any spices you have.
Smash it to bits with a blender, and bingo, spicy soup. Very nice with a slice of bread dunked in it. 
Just because it says stir fry on the packet doesn't mean you have to cook it that way. Think outside the box, find something cheap in the reduced section and work out what you can do with it. Don't pass it by just because you don't like stir fry. Give it a try and use your imagination to eat frugally. Toodle pip.


  1. That`s a good advice. Think outside the box.
    You`ve done a great frugal soup there!

  2. Looks delish.
    Love from Mum

  3. Just caught up with your friend's look as though you had a good time! It's amazing what goodness you can sneak into soups!
    Jane x

  4. I usually do this but skip the blending bit :)

  5. It looks great before blending! I am not much for a mushy soup. I like the texture of different vegetables. But, that does appear to be frugal. My brain is dying, trying to convert that! Is the price you paid one-tenth of what it was originally? It is definitely healthful. Was that frozen? I have never seen stir fry mix that was fresh. Maybe I just have not been in the right place. Now, I am going to massage my brain and give it a rest.

  6. Yes, looks great but I would not have blitzed it - like to feel I am eating something not drinking it.

  7. Well done! Thinking laterally saves pennies. Last week we found a bag of salad reduced to pennies and as there was lots of cabbage in it, used it as a stir fry. Very nice it was too. I'm sure your soup had an extra zing to the flavour when you thought about the price. And good for you too. Can't beat it : )

  8. That looks lovely , I'm with you in the blitzed camp, but my Lovely Hubby likes to chew his soups, we're all different, happily so.

    Isn't it funny how just the words 'Stir Fry' on the bag can stop you from instantly picking up a fantastically reduced bargain, that's happened to me before (I don't like stir fries) and I wandered round the supermarket for ages before the realisation that they were just veggies in a bag dawned on me, went back to get the bag and it was gone!

    Sue xx

  9. Hi PP, No not frozen. It was fresh and three days out of date by the time I ate it. Yes the price was 10% of the total. The last reduction of the night is 90% off at 9pm. If that doesn't sell it they bin it.

    Jo, you're right. I enjoy food a lot more knowing that it cost me very little. I don't think expensive food tastes any better.

  10. The first place I go in a supermarket is the reduced section. I don't take any notice of the "sell by" or "display by" the only one you need to take care of is the "use by" and then I will buy it and cook it straight away then freeze.
    I am what I call a sticker shopper, (anything with a reduced label on )and find a recipe to use it in. I have known people to throw out perfectly good food just because of the date.


  11. Hi Evie, this sticker searching is catching, there's quite a few of us about now. No point in paying top price for anything these days.