Friday, 9 March 2012

Going AWOL

Good morning, it's almost lunchtime and I'm just popping in to let you know I'm going
for the rest of the day. I've just had a mega clean of the house, oh how I hate housework but it had to be done, and prepared a room for my guest who will arrive at any time now. My friend Annette is coming to visit, all the way from Malaysia. Well, she arrived on these shores about a week ago and has been stayiong with her daughter in Bakewell, but now she is on her way here. She emigrated four and a half years ago and loves it over there. It will be good to have a good old natter and catch up on all the news. So Toodle pip, catch you soon.


  1. Enjoy your visit with your friend - catch you later.

  2. Hold on a mo' can't have you going AWOL...**STAMP**..there you go, Ilona..pass card stamped..take as long as you want, and enjoy your friend's visit.
    Jane x

  3. Have a great time, I will miss your entries...:o(

  4. Do enjoy your visitor, let us know how it went won't you?

  5. Sometimes, having company is the best way to have a clean or passable house, for me at Have fun.

  6. Have a nice time catching up with your pal. Hope you get nice weather during her stay so you can go out and about. Look forward to your next entries. Cheers, Christy.


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