Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday night waffle

Good evening. I hope you all had a nice Mothers Day, with your Mumsies, and Grand Mumsies, or someone elses Mumsie. I did notice that the streets were pretty quiet this afternoon when I took Rocky out for a walk. No doubt there were a lot of people doing their duty and bearing gifts for their loved one. My own dear Mum passed away 29 years ago, on Tuesday. I shall be thinking of her then. 
The little chit chat last night sparked off a lot of interesting comments. It's nice to get so many points of view, I like to read all your stories. Victoria, your grammar and spelling is fine, I know what you meant. I don't expect you to compose a word perfect epistle. I struggle myself sometimes, says she of very little education, ha ha. If anyone hasn't read all the comments on this post, 'A busy Saturday', perhaps you might like to catch up now. Methinks we really need a forum with all the interesting stuff that's coming out. It's a shame that posts and comments get buried after a few days, although sometimes someone new comes along and reads up all the back posts. I do read all the comments even though they might be on a post which is a year or two old. By the way, thanks Phil for your comment on the trucking post :o) I'm amazed you remember me after all this time.
I see the Mary Portas programme on Channel 4, Mary's Bottom Line, struck a chord with a few of you. There were some emotional scenes as she interviewed people for the eight jobs she has to offer. There was Andrew who had borrowed a suit from a friend especially for the interview, I cried for the poor lad. You could see the desperation on each of their faces as they hoped they would be the ones to be chosen. It is such a tragedy that we have young people who have virtually no hope of ever working. 
I think this will be a good series to watch. For our worldwide readers who don't know who Mary Portas is, take a look at She is currently working on an independant review into the future of our High streets. She has some great ideas. We need to move forward, our High Streets will never get back to how they were. It will be interesting to see how her plans unfold.
Thank you for that info about Rawtenstall, Janet, I will take a look. I like to read a success story. Mary P has so much vitality and enthusiasm for getting manufacturing back to Britain. It makes sense to stop importing cheap tat, and start making things ourselves. I might even buy a pair of her knickers myself, when my boys pants have worn out, ha ha. Those lacey ones would be no good for me though, I like to know my bum is well covered.
It looks as if my litter picking adventures are rubbing off on one or two others. Yeh, go for it, tidy up your neighbourhood, make your corner of the country a little haven. The more they throw rubbish down, the more determined I am to clean it up. I am a woman winning the war against litter, well in my village anyway, ha ha. Soubrette, I'm glad to see you are joining me. Wean you are doing a good job with cleaning up your corner plot. You ask if anyone helps me. Yes, one or two people have told me they pick up a few pieces as they are dog walking. Also Graham the church gardener tries to keep the churchyard tidy, though that is an ongoing battle as that is where the yoofs hang out. 
PP, there is a bin right next to where they stand, yesterday it was full to overflowing, so I emptied it and transfered the rubbish to a bigger bin nearby. We have quite a few bins, but they still throw cans and bottles on the ground right next to the bin. It's their way of being a pain in the arse, they think it's funny.  
I am pleased to report that my limbs seem to be loosening up, as I am on the trainer every day. I do ten minutes at a time on level six, three or four times a day, and each time it gets easier. At this rate my legs will be well ready for the long walk. I must say the trainer is also good for my brain. I start off listening to the radio, but then my mind wanders and I switch off from it and think about other things. I probably don't need the radio on at all, as I get lost in my own little world.  
Cutting down on my car miles is going quite well, I havent started the engine for nine days now. With the price of petrol being what it is, I am saving the miles for the long trips. I went to town on the bus this week, and I haven't needed to do any food shopping since March 8th, so that's good going. Still chomping my way through those big bags of carrots and spuds. Cat food is running low again though so I suppose I will have to make a trip out for that, when I check which supermarket has it on offer. 
I have a little money saving tip for you. I sometimes buy these Value Dips from Tesco for 98p. I put dollops of it on my salad or steamed veg. I always end up with the Mexican style one to use up last, because it's a bit too spicy for me. Well I never throw anything away, so I find another use for it. Today I mixed a couple of spoonfulls in half a tin of spaghetti in tomato sauce, and I must say, it was lovely. I'm going to put this last bit in some beans tomorrow. So if you have any sauces, or dips, left over, just add them to anything that you might be cooking.   
Cor blimey, look at the time, you will all be in bed by the time I get this published. Just a quick note before I go. I have a special announcement to make tomorrow, so pop in and check. He he, you will like it, well one person will like it more than the rest :o)


  1. Hi, I read your blog every night and thinks its brilliant. You are very inspiring and I look forward to hearing about what you've been upto. You're doing a wonderful job with the litter and I will be following your lead here in Buckinghamshire in our local woods. Not so much the yoofs but the drivers by, out of the car window. Makes me mad!
    Always makes me choked when I hear about Rocky dog as I have five fur babies and love them to bits. Keep up the good work.

    Sarah. X

  2. Now you're getting all cryptic on us!
    Jane x

  3. Someone has dumped a lorry load of old car tyres in a nearby field. I get so bloody angry at things like this. Surely rubber tyres can be recycled?
    I love reading your blog and am learning a few things.

  4. I read your blog and wish you would write a book....Mothers day is for thanking our mums (what would we do) and remembering mums that are not with us. I told my daughter to have a frugal mothers day. So she went to the supermarket at 3.30 to get some cheap flowers. Perfect! A chip off the old block. Didn't get round to commenting yesterday, but I really enjoyed the Mary Portas program on your recommendation. Yes I had tears in my eyes at the young lad who was a natural sewer. Hope it turns out well for him and his family. Some people are born with fight and spirit aren't they.. Ilona! Take care DebsX

  5. ACK! You scared me. Our Mother's Day is in May. I thought I had slept two months during my nap today--Shades of Rip Van Winkle!

    Did you know that first comes litter, then vandalism, graffiti, and other crimes? Places that were having all these problems made a special effort to clean up the litter and the other crimes decreased and criminals/shady characters ceased to come to the area. It seems that if the area is free of litter, vandals think no one cares or is looking. Interesting, huh?

    One day, I was standing in my front door, obscured by the screen and shade of the trees out front. A car pulled in my driveway, so I wondered who it was. The door opened, and I expected a person to emerge. No, a hand with an ashtry full of butts emerged and dumped them in my yard. I was stunned since I live in an Historic District. If I had it to do all over, I would have gotten in the car, followed them, and reported to police. It is a $500 fine here.

    I must say that I raised three to adulthood who also do not litter. That makes me proud.

  6. I must say, I don`t do mother`s day. I always told my kids: ''If you can`t be civil and nice to your mum all during the year, then don`t even bother with mother`s day. ''
    Well done for keeping your area litter free.
    I`ve also raised three that know better than to throw litter around. Education about that starts in the home. If mum and dad don`t set a positive example the youngsters don`t care either.

  7. Mary Portas was on the BBC breakfast programme one day last week. The knickers will retail at £10 per pair! I don't think I can bear to watch the programme- it will bring back too many memories of the early 1980s when it was my husband(then boyfriend) who had a despairing look on his face. He couldn't get a job for over 2 years after being made redundant twice by the time he was 18. I remember the absolute despair and hopelessness all too well even though 31 years have passed.Re the litter - like PP I raised my children to 'find a bin and put it in' - if that wasn't possible they put it in their pocket or bag and take it home with them.

  8. I need to get out there with a bin liner again now that the weather's a bit nicer. I filled two last time in the space of less than a mile!! Mostly coffee cups, lots of soya milk cartons (randomly dumped in a bag in the hedge) and agricultural waste like empty fertiliser bags.

    Poor people. I hope that people who are trying to find a job get one soon. It's best not to be too picky. Get the money coming in whilst you are hunting for that perfect job.

  9. I love to read your blog it is very inspirational. I share the same philodphy as you regarding life. My dad passed away recently and I took time out of work and nursed him in his own home. Money was very tight as I only picked up statatory sick pay , but its changed my whole perespective on life. Ive slowed down and changed jobs, its less money, but I have more time for me. Im going to be thrifty and careful with money now as I have more time to think about what I'm doing instead of rushing all the time. I have adhd and the stress of constantly rushing was exhausting.

  10. Agree with Victoria, always read your blog and find it inspirational and always motivates me!

    Keep posting tv series that you like or are watching. We often get UK shows here but they're at unusual times and I often miss them. I can at least keep an eye out for them though!

    Glad the trainer is being used every day and am looking forward to your next big walk. Hope you're around late May so you can meet myself and partner.


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