Monday, 19 March 2012

Three waggy tails, two happy walkers

I've had a lovely doggy day today. Henry choc lab came to visit, and after the morning walk we called in to see Julie, and Jessie blind dog, so the two dogs could have a play in the garden for the last time. My friends Julie and Frank are moving on Wednesday, leaving the village for a couple or weeks, then moving to Spain next month. There is an invite for me to visit them, that would be nice, I will have to save up for it.
After lunch Julie brought Jessie round, and I fetched Rocky, and we all went a walk on the hills. It was great fun. Try getting three dogs to smile for the camera, impossible. All they are interested in is what tasty treat have I got in my pocket, ha ha.   
I managed to get a few pics before Henry drifted away. He gets bored very easily.

Kath, I have your address thanks. Will get the bag off to you tomorrow. Yes, I think it's best not to announce the giveaway first, there are people who would enter just because they want to win. Also I didn't want to artificially inflate my comment numbers with loads of people trying their luck. Much better to spring it on someone as a surprise, then it's more like a random act of kindness, where you give something to someone you don't know, and don't expect anything in return.

Did anyone notice, Billie Jane is back from Techno Billies? She dropped out a while ago and I removed her blog link from my sidebar. So now I have reinstated it if you want to look. It's getting quite interesting as she is contemplating a move to Spain.

Hi Dan, I've read your comment and will reply soon.

There have been such a lot of interesting and lengthy comments just lately. It's a good idea to take a few minutes to read them if you have time.

Got to go, I'm feeling a bit tired, and I've got a bit of a belly ache. Shouldn't have eaten those stewed apples so close to bed time. Toodle pip.


  1. Always happy to see Henry :) Hope you get to visit Spain sometime soon.

  2. Nice pics - hope Jessie settles OK and finds new friends to play with -
    I've got some catching up to do here, been away for the weekend and only just getting over it !

  3. I love to see dogs socialising like that, I'm very lucky that my 2 are very friendly with other dogs. when one of us comes in with them after their walk, the other will ask "did they see any of their friends today?" :-)

  4. Lovely photos.....happy ladies and very happy dogs, little Rocky looks extremely pleased to be included in your many jaunts.

    I agree completely about giveaways being used to inflate comment numbers, also the latest phase seems to be using them to artificially increase your Follower numbers. Not in the real spirit of blogging at all. Your way is so much nicer, well done for thinking of it.

    Sue xx

  5. I visited some ex neighbours when they moved to Spain, it was around Easter, so not too hot, good for me.

    That little terrier looks so appealing and Henry is as handsome (and knowing it) as usual.

    I won a giveaway on a blog a few weeks ago and although I comment often on it, did feel as if I were doing it for the giveaway, although we had been invited. I didn't comment when I knew the next one was, just in case I won, and would have been too embarrassed.

  6. I love the way Rockie is sitting looking at your pocket. lol
    You comment on the Eurovision entry were spot on Ilona, but I do think it' the best for a long time and good old Hump still has the voice unlike some others that trudge on and on.

  7. You will miss Julie and Jess, I wonder how Jess will settle? My mum and stepdad are in Spain (Costa Blanca) since early January and are due home late next month before it starts to get too hot.

  8. Jessie will settle in Spain, she has been several times before. She has her passport and they try and get a boat with a dog friendly cabin so she can stay with them throughout the journey. Usually takes 3 - 4 days to get there, stops on the way. It can be a bit hot for her, but Julie takes her to the beach either very early or very late, as dogs are not allowed on the sand in the season.

  9. Everyone looks happy! You'll miss Julie, that is sad but I expect you'll keep in touch by email.

  10. I hope you're feeling better now

  11. Looks like you all had a great time! Hope the tummy is more settled now.

  12. Love the picture of you with the dogs, they are all looking at you as if to say, "What have we stopped for, come on, let's go..." It's great that they all get along. Rocky looks a cheeky little chap perched on the bench beside you. Clocks forward at the weekend. I look forward to hearing about your plans for your trip to Spain in the future. Cheers, Christy


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