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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hello from Morecambe

Good morning. Boy did I have trouble getting on the internet last night, but here I am, in my sea view room, sipping my coffee, getting ready for the day ahead. It was blustery when I arrived, and a short walk along the prom took me to Morrisons where I spent the small sum of £2.03 on a box of salad, reduced muffins and pancakes. There was enough for my tea last night and for lunch and nibbles as I walk today. I must rush this as breakfast awaits me. The B & B cost me £36 by the way.

I found Eric, here he is, his usual jolly self. Life wouldn't be the same without Eric, he has brought me a lot of laughter over the years. Thanks Eric.

A fat seagull to keep Eric company.

An interesting building on the Promenade.

I love this erm, statue I think you might call it, big birds on a rock, ha ha. Looks very dramatic against the sunset! What, where's the sun, well it was there a minute ago.

What's the weather like today then? Changeable the forecast says. It started off bright at 6.45am, now the rain is here and it looks pretty dismal. Not to worry, I'm off for breakfast, it will brighten up by the time I am ready to leave. Toodle pip from Morecambe, on the north west coast of England, a bit above Blackpool.


  1. Congrats on reaching Morecombe! And on finding Eric, he made me laugh too over the years. He was one of the best adlibbers ever!

    I really didn't expect to find a blog post from you for a while, so it was a treat logging in and finding your first 'adventure' post. Have a great fun day today and hope the weather holds for you.

    Linda xx

  2. My sister in law lives only minutes away from your hotel. Morecambe has a few nice shops, but a pritty good Saturday market where you can get everything from food to clothing.
    Hope your trip will not be a total wash out with rain and cold weather.

  3. Wishing you fair weather and a good walk today.
    Candace from Colorado, USA

  4. Fabulous photos! Good luck for today's first leg Ilona- hope breakfast was good.

  5. What lovely pictures I love the fat seagull.

  6. Love Eric too, great statue and so fitting. Hope all is well and you enjoy the first leg(excuse the pun) of your walk.

  7. Okay, this settles it. Now I have to get a map of England so i can see where you walk and travel. It drives me crazy that I am so clueless. Interesting pictures.

  8. Never been to Morcombe but I think I may give it a visit Spring bank - it looks like an interesting place. My daughter watched Morcombe and Wise for the first time last Christmas and she fair laughed, it never gets old. Thanks for keeping us updated. Debs x

  9. Great photo's, Eric was one my favourite's too. It was his face, it used to crack me up. Happy holiday , keep safe and enjoy every minute.
    I have been to Blackpool many times but never managed to get further up to Morecombe.
    You do inspire me Ilona and have made me do some serious thinking about getting up and going to see a bit more of Britain. It has some very beautiful places.
    Look after those feet.


  10. I was in Morecambe on Friday Ilona, was staying with aunt in Warton and we came down to take sister in law to Heysham to back to the Isle of Man. I really like this little seaside town and have been to a few cycling events based around there over the past few years.

    The sea was quite choppy and the whole scene looked stark but beautiful. I'd love to be able to look at that bay every day.

    Take care and enjoy your first stage.

  11. Thanks for your posts as you travel; I don't always get to see a lot when I come over so it is good to see what I have missed and make a note of what I MUST see! Your efforts are appreciated!

  12. What a treasure we lost in Eric. I often look up Morecombe and Wise videos on youtube. Glad he brought you some sunshine!
    Jane x

  13. Hope you have a nice day and the weather improves for you.

  14. Last year I tried following on a map ( I live in Texas ) but somehow I got lost the last 2 days. Good thing Ilona knew where she was!
    Happy Trails!

  15. I am so sorry I missed your visit to Morecambe. I was away and got back about 6:30. When I went on line and saw you would be in Morecambe tuesday night I jumped onto my mobility scooter and shot down to the station. I knew there was a train due in at ten to eight and then one at half past eight. I pressume you must have got in earlier. I went up to Morrisons too in the gap between trains, not much in the way of bargains by then.

    Your pics of Morecambe are great, the interesting building is the Winter Gardens Theatre it is owned by a charitable trust who are doing great work to restore it.

    I hope you have an enjoyable holiday and that the weather is kind to you. Kirkby Lonsdale is a very pretty village and there is a great view from the churchyard over the river.

  16. Hope your big walk continues with health and happiness. Thank you for posting and for thinking of those of us who are travelling with you in our thoughts. My parents honeymooned in Blackpool in 1946 and listened to Reginald Dixon on the huge historic organ. Stay well, Ilona. Elaine in Philadelphia

  17. What a great post, I like the fact that you get out and about and live your life instead of just watching other peoples' lives on the telly all the time, good on you Ilona. I always found Eric and Ernie to be laugh out loud funny x

  18. You really are a celebrity MQ - people tracking your route on their maps !
    Keep looking over your shoulder, you may just find the BBC have found out what you are doing and are following you with cameras !
    That would make a good news item I think.

  19. Im just catching up with your blog Ilona. Those statues of birds on the rocks look brilliant. Also love that fat seagull haha. Have a lovley break in Morecombe, I've never been there. x

  20. What lovely photographs. Hope the weather is kind to you. All the best with your travels. I'm looking forward to reading more.


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