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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bank holidays at home

I'm not bothered about going out on a Bank Holiday weekend, would rather stay at home and potter. I started off by doing a bit of crochet, that didn't last long because the great outdoors was calling. Lady, my friend Graham's dog is here for the weekend, so we collected Rocky and went for a long walk. Afterwards I took Rocky back, as I had some jobs to do in the garden. Now where is that lawnmower, it's in there somewhere. My brick outhouse is a bit of a mess, wants sorting, I shifted stuff out so I could get to the lawnmower.

I must have had the lawnmower for about ten years. It was a cheapo one from B & Q, and to be honest I didn't expect it to last very long, but I am chuffed that it is still going strong, despite the blades being a bit nackered because I have run over stones with it.

I dug the old grass cuttings out of the compost heap and put them in a couple of plastic boxes. They will do for putting on the top of my potato plants when they start to show. Now I start stacking the new cuttings in the corner.

I have to be carefull not to kill any of these little fellas. I have a rough strip of grass down the centre of the lawn, I leave it rough and lumpy because the cats like to lie in it and sunbathe. Frogs also live in it, but the nearest thing I have got to a pond is an old enamel frying pan filled with water. They seem to like my garden.

That's it the lawn is done, I've thrown some chopped up manky apples out for the birds, Lady thinks she might like to eat them.

Next some weeding, they are growing like mad since we've had the rain, it's a job to keep things tidy. After a bite to eat it was time for another walk, so we went to get Rocky and we had another long bimble around the fields. Rocky is very good off the lead now, he is so well behaved. When we got back it was dinner time for both dogs, and then we had a few games of fetch with the squeeky toy. Rocky loves this game.

I've won, I've won, where is my treat, ha ha.

What a lovely day, and tomorrow? More of the same. Pottering and bimbling with the dogs.


  1. You put me to shame Ilona, I keep saying I must get out in the garden but it is still so cold :( afraid the knitting won today! The dogs are lucky to have you walk and look after them :0)

  2. I've been gardening today, well a little. I started by tidying the area at the side of the house, it's a building site really with all my 'saved' bricks, slates, sand etc. I actually managed to get the bay window bricked up with some of those 'spare' bricks, saved from the conservatory and from across the road's porch, and it looks fully blended in, not new. I want to build a little wall on the side to enclose a bed so I can grow things without soil falling out.

    Then I dug out a lawn edge. I've not got such a manicured garden that I have proper 'edges'. However, I made a little effort. Also repotted a large tree plant in my conservatory which once was on my mum's window sill. It was pot bound and I treated it to a new larger home. Pity it wasn't so easy for me.

    I've also done some knitting on my second sock, it has taken me about a year to do the first one and now this one.

    The doggies look well and happy.

  3. Oh I love that little chap! How nice to see the 2 of them having a nice day with you.

  4. Beautiful day. Glad Rocky is doing well. So jealous of your brick outhouse - very useful, and your garden is a good size! I'm afraid you would hear my screams down the end of the street if I found a frog in my garden, I'm so scared of them. Found one in my peg box and I didn't go outside for the rest of the day!

  5. I 'may' be able to get in my garden today, it's been waterlogged for over a week now, something to do with the water plane here - think that's what it's called, anyway, it's very badly drained, but the grass and weeds have continued to grow.
    I too am jealous of your garden size.


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