Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A few bits of shopping to do

Today I had a few places to go to, so I made a list. Do them all in one day instead of going back and forth wasting petrol. First off was the cash and carry. I needed some fruit juice and they had some Pineapple, three cartons for £1. I also got four tins of hot dog sausages for 50p each, not for me, my doggy friends like them. Oh, and I bought some salt to put on the weeds, thanks for your suggestions.

Next was town, I always park on the edge and walk in, I won't pay for parking. Bank to pay a bill and market for dog treats. I checked the charity shops because I want a medium size milk jug either glass or pot. Can't find one anywhere, probably because I only want to pay about 50p. It needs to be big enough to hold a tin of evaporated milk, but not too big, it's got to fit in the fridge. No matter, I can wait till the right one comes along.

I also had a scout round for Felix pouches on offer. The posh stuff, As Good As It Looks, is £3 at the moment, but I don't want my cats to get a taste for that. I want to stick to the bog standard one, which often comes on offer at £2.50 a box. Not to worry, I have not run out yet, I can wait for it.

While I was in town I called in to the Arts Centre, where they have two new exhibitions. The paintings have been on display for a couple of weeks now, but local florists and flower arranging clubs were asked to design displays, taking their inspiration from the pictures. The flowers then were placed in front of the paintings. I think this one works rather well.

My favourite was this one. The flower lady has replicated the colours and shapes of the lego bricks into her flower display. Very clever I thought, she has used square galvanised containers with a splash of vibrant colours.

This is an interesting one. The picture behind is that of dried winter undergrowth, I think the flower arranger has interpreted it exactly.

After town I went to Skippingdale, this is a retail park which has just had some new life breathed into it with the arrival of new shops opening. It became quite run down when Tesco moved out and went into their new store by the motorway, then Focus, the DIY store closed. Now all the units are occupied again, and it's in a handy place to call into. I went to the Pound Shop to see if they have any more cat litter. I was lucky, they had four bags. I am stocking up on this as it is so cheap. I asked if they had any more in the back, the assistant said they didn't, but they have a delivery on Thursday and could order some for me if I wanted a lot. I thought that was quite good, now the girls know me they offer to get me what I want. Can't be bad eh, ha ha. I'm not sure how many bags she meant when she said a lot, so I said not to bother, if they are going to be having some in anyway, I would just take how many they happened to have when I called in next time.

Next and last stop was Tesco, just down the road. I took my till receipt in from last night, as they had overcharged me on a reduced item. You have to watch the yellow stickers, sometimes they don't always fully cover the bar code, and the till will scan it at the original price. One good thing about Tesco, if they make a mistake, you always get a full refund. I got back the full price 85p which I was charged, plus the reduced price 23p I should have been charged. So I got the item free plus 23p. While I was there I got a bottle of baby shampoo for 9p, baby bath for 11p, and a pack of 300 nappy bags for 35p, the cheapest dog poo bags you will find. A quick scout round to the reduced sections and I found some grapes, and cheese scones.

Tomorrow I am having the day off. The car is filled up with petrol and I'm going for a city day out. Somewhere I have been meaning to go and visit for a while now. There are several free museums and art galleries, so I'll pack my sandwiches and get off early in the morning. I'll bring some photo's back with me. Oh, and I have promised myself I will have whatever I want tomorrow, because it is a special day, so I might spend some money. Toodle pip.  


  1. I love the flower arrangements it's something I wish I had a flair for. Particularly like the lego one. Have a great day tomorrow and give yourself a real treat.

  2. Some of those flower arrangements are stunning.

    Have a good day out tomorrow.

  3. I plan my trips in the car very carefully - called hyper-mileing here in the U.s. Always pull in to a parking spot where you can leave going forward; uses less gas than reversing. Always go the shortest way on your rounds. Over the year will save several hundred $$.
    Also puts as few miles on the car as poss.
    Enjoy your day out - look forward to seeing the pickys.

  4. We have a store here that doubles your money if the produce goes bad before the use-by date. And,if they ring something the wrong price, you get the item free. Both are good deals.

    Salt will kill your weeds and over time it will make the ground barren. At first it will just be a bit by the edge of the yard. Then, as the salt is carried further, more ground will be barren and never produce again. Please rethink the salt on your weeds.

    We would get along on taking a sandwich bit. Some of my friends don't want to go with me because I won't be gorging and spending on food. That's okay with me. I travel with lots of food--sandwiches, nuts, cookies, fruit, sometimes mints and home-popped popcorn, containers of milk, juice, and water. I may not eat it all, but I have it if I need it. I am hypoglycemic.

  5. Is it your birthday tomorrow, is that why it is special??????
    The flower arrangements are beautiful, I wish I had an artist's eye.
    Jane x

  6. Can't resist spilling the beans.

    It is your birthday today, I know! So, "Happy Birthday and many more of them".


  7. I second that. Happy Birthday!!

  8. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ILONA. I hope your day out will be a good one with lots of pictures for us all to see from you.
    I wished you lived nearer to Scarborough, you could have had a choice of milkjugs, I have some I do not use now and are destined for the charity shops very soon. If you are ever in the Scarborough area give me a call(01723 449852) there could be stuff in my ""junk room"" that you could perhaps use, like packs of dress materials, I no longer have a sewing machine, someone elses needs on that score were greater than mine the week I gave it away. Like you Ilona I do not like throwing things away, I like to recycle or give to someone who can make use of things. Haven't seen anything of your friends cats that she takes in , has she found homes for them all?
    Have a very happy day out and enjoy your special treats


  9. Oh, happy birthday Ilona, I am sure you will have a great day. I loved your photos of the exhibition.

  10. Happy Birthday MQ hope you have a lovely day.

  11. Happy birthday Ilona enjoy your day xx

  12. That art display is great - I like the lego one too.

    Yes, I did change my settings so that my pictures display that way - I didn't like the slide show thing as I like to enlarge pictures as I go along rather than seeing them all at once so I can read in between and you can make them larger the old way, as you say.

    You need to find the settings first - from the dashboard if you click on the 'post list' buttton, which looks like two sheets of paper, top right just above the blog posts, then on that page on the left hand side it says settings at the bottom of a list.

    Click on settings and then 'posts and comments' and then the third option down says show pictures with light box - set that to 'NO' and then click 'save settings' in the top right corner and then your pictures will revert back to the old way too!

  13. Yes, PP, you are right about salt - the Romans plowed salt into the land of their enemies rendering it useless for a hundred years.
    Vinegar is better but hoeing is also good. What ever happened to hand-weeding; we will use the use of our bodies soon.

  14. Thanks to others I can wish you a very happy birthday. Its lovely weather in Lincolnshire so I hope the sun shines on you.

  15. Happy Birthday Ilona! I hope you enjoy your day out tremendously.

  16. Happy Birthday! Yesterday was my son's birthday. Why you are practically twins!!! Have a wonderful day. You deserve it.

  17. Do have a giddy happy birthday ... have some CAKE!

    waving ... Anne in Cambridge

  18. Happy Birthday Ilona! Hope you had a great day today.


  20. Happy birthday to you , I hope you have had a great day x

  21. Happy, happy birthday Ilona
    Have a lovely day out and I really hope that you buy yourself some lovely treats

  22. Happy Birthday dear Ilona, Happy Birthday toooooo Yoooouuu !!!!

  23. Happy Birthday. I hope you have a lovely day out.

    Sue xx

  24. I am a bid behind with my post readings, still I would like to wish you all the best and give you my congratulations with your birthday!