Sunday, 27 May 2012

It's a dogs life

Here are my two bed buddies from last night. Surprisingly we all slept very well, not a murmur came from either of them and I had an undisturbed good nights sleep.

After an early morning walk, I took Rocky back to his garden while me and Henry went to the car boot sale. I went to look for the man I bought the tent off last week, he said he would bring a shopping trolley. There was more sellers there this week, the hot weather has brought them out. The man wasn't there though, I was a bit disappointed because I thought I was going to bring a trolley home. Oh well, keep looking. Someone suggested Freegle, but you have to sign up to be a member before you can browse the list if items, and I don't want to. I looked at Freecycle but there are mainly wants on there, not much is being offered.

I am trying to get Henry to walk properly on the lead, he has had far too much freedom and thinks he is in charge. He pulls all the time to go in the direction he wants to go. So I kept him close to me on a short lead at the car boot, he didn't like it much. He is what you might say at the 'stroppy teenager' stage.

I needed some fruit juice so I called in the cash and carry on the way back, as I was passing. Last time I got three of these cartons for £1 to try them, because the label is one I haven't seen before. It tastes fine, and can be diluted to make even more drinks, so this time I got 12 for £4.00. Should keep me going for a few weeks. It's out of date by one month, but it doesn't matter, it's cheap enough.

Henry got excited when we pulled into the car park next to the big pond. It's more like a lake actually, it has a path all the way round and dogs are allowed to go in the water. The police take their dogs there for training. I felt a bit sorry for him after dragging him round the car boot, he felt a bit sorry for himself as well, but soon cheered up when he got out the car and made a dash for the waters edge.

Another hot day, I had to retreat indoors for a while to cool down. Outside it was like being in an oven, not that I ever have been, but I felt as if I was being roasted alive. Still not finished the garden makeover, although I was able to get on with it a bit when the sun went round the front of the house at about 5pm. I've got to lift three paving slabs which have a gap underneath them as they are raised on one end with a piece of timber.  I am hoping there isn't any frogs or toads underneath. I have already disturbed a frog and had to relocate it to another part of the garden. Plenty to do romorrow, Toodle pip


  1. Hi Ilona
    I read your blog everyday and really love it. Thank you for sharing with us all. I puppy walk a puppy for a wonderful charity called dogs for the disabled and one of the tips they use to get the puppy's to walk to heel is the use of primula cheese in a squeezy tube. It's easy to dispense and the dogs love it! It costs about £1.30. I use it daily but each tubenusually last 2 to 3 weeks. Fran

  2. I have never been able to stop Sadie the German Shepherd from pulling on the lead as we head off for a walk. She can't contain her excitement. She is fine on the way home.

  3. We found a head halter worked magic on our pulling dog. We only needed to use it for a few walks before we could remove it. We then walked her with a treat in hand to keep up the training. We could walk her off the lead to heal from a fairly young age. Wow at your juice bargains!

  4. I've never had a dog, only cats, but Rocky pulls on my heart strings! He is adorable.

  5. Hi can I ask which cash and carry you go to thankyou x

  6. Hi Anon. I go to Barnes Cash and Carry on Normanby Road, Scunthorpe. They also have a stall on Scunthorpe Market, Ashby Market, and a shop in Gainsborough. I have noticed some of their prices creeping up a bit though, not much cheaper than the supermarkets. You need to be quite choosy.

    Hi Little Rosie. Henry used to have a halti, he hated it but it worked well. I think we need to go back to it.

    Hi Fran, I have treats in my pocket but he is so stroppy he can take them or leave them. Maybe my fault as I probably don't use them correctly, as in reward when he obeys. He is also very picky with food.

  7. Lovely to see Rocky, Molly x


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